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We introduce traffic management schemes to solve problems relating to safety, parking, the environment, damage to structures and the movement of traffic. We also aim to promote cycling, walking and use of public transport, and to bring benefits to all members of the community.

We consult with the public on many proposed traffic management schemes. You usually have three weeks to object, starting from the date we publish a draft "traffic management order" (TMO). Draft TMOs are also published in the local press. We consider every objection and may redesign the scheme and consult again on revised proposals. Schemes are introduced after we make a legally enforceable "traffic order".


20mph speed limit consultations

Phase 6 concludes the borough-wide 20mph speed limit.  All the works will be completed by May 2020

Consultation (Deposit) Documents

Proposed new and revoked Traffic Management Orders (TMO)

Other borough-wide consultations

Subject Last update
Proposed Conversion of Parking Places to Waiting Restrictions in Chase Side Avenue and Rothesay Avenue June 2022
Various proposed waiting restrictions March 2022
TMO Consultation for various crossovers February 2022
Proposed waiting and loading restrictions in various roads January 2022
Proposed Christchurch Close Crossover ​October 2021
Amendments to controlled parking zones 4F, 5F, CH, GC3, M2, MP1, P1, P2S and RPC. Proposed conversion of parking places to waiting restrictions in various roads ​2021
Various Waiting Restrictions - Free Parking Places ES.WR2020B2 ​2021
Provision of disabled persons parking places ​2020
Amendments to controlled parking zones 5F, M2, MTC, P3, S2 and W1 conversion of parking places to waiting restrictions in various roads ​2020
School safety zones 2019 ​2019
Cycling improvements: "filtered permeability" 2014
Proposed Parking Management Measures 2014
Allowing motorcycles in bus lanes - 2013 (archived page) 2013
Waiting and Loading restrictions - Borough Wide - 2010 (archived page) 2010
Proposed Waiting Restrictions - Borough-Wide - 2007 (archived page)


Merton Park

Subject Last update
Proposed amendments to waiting restrictions in Sandringham Avenue 2022
Completed safety improvements in Dorset Road, Merton Park –raised pedestrian crossing and waiting restrictions ​2021
Controlled parking zone 5f. Changes to parking layout in Sandringham Avenue and conversion of parking place from pay and display to shared use. ​2020
​Proposed conversion of parking place to waiting restriction in Ridgway Place ​2020
Proposed informal crossing - Dorset Road ​2020
Proposed uncontrolled crossing Dorset Road ​2019
Proposed Parking Management - Deer Park Road ​2016
Proposed Footway Improvements - Sheridan Road 2014


Subject Last update
TMO documents proposed FG1 CPZ February 2023
CPZ FG2 - Rialto Road Consultation January 2023
CPZ FG2 - Amendments to the proposed controlled parking zone in the Rialto Road area March 2023
London Road (Mitcham) Bus Lane TMO Documents January 2022
Commonside East width restriction ​October 2021
Provision of additional free parking places Church Road and Hawthorne Avenue ​April 2021
Free Parking Places in Elm Gardens and Walsingham Road ​January 2021

Croydon Road - Windmill Road - Beddington Lane

February 2020​
Proposed sinusoidal humps windmill road ​21 June 2019 
Figge's Marsh junction improvements ​30 May 2019
Proposed 20mph speed limit in various roads in Mitcham Mar 2019
Cricket Green Footway Widening Feb 2019
Proposed 20mph speed limit in various roads in the Pollards Hill and Longthornton area – Phase 2 Dec 2018
Proposed 20mph speed limit in various roads in the Pollards Hill area Oct 2018
Safety Improvements Galpins Road Aug 2018
Safety Improvements Rowan Road Jul 2018
Proposed speed cushions - Tamworth Lane Jul 2018
Safety Improvements Grove Road Mar 2018
Tamworth Lane - Grove Road Roundabout Alterations Mar 2018
Deer Park Gardens proposed waiting restrictions Jul 2017
Proposed Zebra Crossing Middleton Road Feb 2017
Commonside East School Safety Jan 2017
Shared use Cycle and Pedestrian path alongside Croydon Road 2016
Proposed Zebra Crossing Church Road 2016
Safety Improvements Western Road 2015
Proposed Safety Measures - Stanford Primary School 2015
Stanford Road 2015
Proposed Waiting Restrictions The Bungalows 2015
Proposed Zebra Crossing - Bond Road 2015
Proposed Zebra Crossing Grove Road 2015
Proposed Bus Route extension - Victoria Rd, Mitcham 2014
Proposed Safety Measures - Liberty Primary School 2014
Traffic Calming Improvements - Lavender Avenue (archived page) 2013
Proposed Safety Measures, Sandy Lane (archived page) 2013
Proposed One-Way Working - Armfield Crescent (archived page) 2012
Proposed Pedestrian Crossing - London Road, Mitcham (archived page) 2012
Proposed 20mph Zone - Sherwood Park Road Area (archived page) 2012
Farm Road/Combermere Road footway parking and waiting restrictions (archived page) 2011
Mitcham Town Centre Improvements - Langdale Avenue (archived page) 2011
Sherwood Park Road area 20mph Zone (archived page) 2011
Abbotts Road Traffic Calming Measures (archived page) 2011
Dahlia Gardens Traffic Calming Measures (archived page) 2011
Gorringe Park Avenue waiting restrictions (archived page) 2011
Proposed Waiting Restrictions - Longthornton Area (archived page) 2011
Bond Road waiting and loading restrictions (archived page) 2010
Commonside East pedestrian crossing facility (archived page) 2010
Commonside East Area (archived page) 2010
Proposed 20mph Zone - Eastfields area (archived page) 2010
Proposed 20mph Speed Zone/Limit - Pollards Hill area (archived page) 2010
Road Improvements - Eastfields Home Zone (archived page) 2009
Aberconway Road zebra and junction improvement (archived page) 2009
South Lodge Avenue waiting restriction (archived page) 2009
Proposed 20mph Limit - Ashbourne Road Area (archived page) 2008
Cycle Facilities - North Road (archived page) 2008
Cycle Facilities - Western Road (archived page) 2008
North Mitcham waiting restrictions (archived page) 2007


Subject Last update
Proposed Cycle Tracks in London Road and Bishopsford Road ​August 2021
Milner Road improvements ​January 2019
The Path improvements ​January 2019

Proposed Bushey Road 30mph speed limit

​September 2019
Aragon Road School Safety July 2017
Proposed Safety Improvements Tudor Drive June 2017
Ashridge Way Proposed Safety Measures February 2017
Proposed Zebra Crossing - Central Road - Green Lane 2015
Proposed Zebra Crossing - Martin Way - Whatley Avenue 2015
Proposed Zebra Crossing - Parkside - Parkside Avenue 2015
Proposed Zebra Crossing - Recreation Way 2015
Traffic Calming Measures - Bristol Road (archived page) 2012
Grand Drive Zebra Crossing (archived page) 2011
Hillcross Avenue - proposed 20mph Zone (archived page) 2010
Morden TC Service Road Enhancements (archived page) 2010
St Helier area various waiting restrictions (archived page) 2010
Farm Road Area - proposed 20mph limit (archived page) 2009
Green Lane - proposed 20mph speed limit (archived page) 2009
Parkway Area - Proposed 20mph Zone (archived page) 2009
Proposed 20mph zone - Wandle Rd Area (archived page) 2009
Cycle Facilities Bishopsford Road (archived page) 2008
Proposed Cycle Facilities - Green Lane (archived page) 2008
Proposed waiting restrictions - Holne Chase, Rougemont Avenue and Torrington Way (archived page) 2008
Moreton Green 20mph zone (archived page) 2007

Raynes Park

Subject Last update

Proposed waiting restrictions Kingston Road

Kingston Road waiting and loading restriction consultation 2023
Change of speed limit to 30mph on Bushey Road (Grand Drive to Martin Way) 2022
Edna Road Crossover TMO consultation 2022
Proposed conversion of parking place to waiting restriction in Cottenham Park Road 2022
Proposed Uncontrolled Crossing - Cambridge Road 2019
Proposed Amendments to Parking Controls - Raynes Park Town Centre 2014
Proposed Parking Changes - Burlington Road (archived page) 2013
Shopping Parade Parking - Kingston Road (archived page) 2013
Proposed Parking Changes - West Barnes Lane (archived page) 2013
Proposed Alternative to Speed Cushion - Heath Drive (archived page) 2012
Extension of Waitrose Car Park Operational Hours (archived page) 2011
Westside Common - Proposed Waiting Restrictions (archived page) 2011
Proposed Cycle Facilities - Coombe Lane (archived page) 2010
Lower Downs Road Bridge Improvements (archived page) 2010
West Barnes Lane - Traffic Management Scheme (archived page) 2010
Proposed 20mph speed limit - Cambridge Road area (archived page) 2009
Proposed 20mph Limit - Claremont Avenue area (archived page) 2009
Proposed 20mph Zone - West Barnes Lane Area (archived page) 2009
Cycle Track - Coombe Lane (archived page) 2008
Proposed Cycle Improvements - The Path (archived page) 2008

South Wimbledon

Subject Last update
Bewley Street waiting restrictions completed order 2021
Proposed waiting, loading and school keep clear restrictions ​2021
Balfour Road / Merton Road junction improvements ​2019
Experimental Road Closure - Balfour Road 2016
Southey Road school safety improvements 2016
Taxi rank - Morden Road 2016
Proposed on-street parking - Kingston Road 2014
Proposed Road Improvements - Kirkley Road 2014
South Wimbledon - Home Zone Lites 2014
Proposed cycle facilities - Haydon's Road (archived page) 2009

Wimbledon (excluding town centre)

Subject Last update
Melrose avenue- contra-flow cycle lane improvements February 2022
Lingfield Road contraflow cycle lane - completed orders December 2021
The Merton (Parking Places) (CPZ H3) ​July 2021
Experimental vehicular access restrictions during Wimbledon Championships 2022 ​15 June 2022
​Lingfield Road contraflow cycle lane ​18 February 2021
Wimbledon Village High Street pedestrian and cycle zone pavement widening ​October 2020
High Street Wimbledon August 2018
Proposed pay and display parking and waiting restrictions - The Causeway and Cannizaro Road January 2017
Proposed Waiting Restrictions - Somerset Road 2014
Proposed Waiting Restrictions - Woodhayes Road Area(archived page) 2013
Wimbledon Chase waiting and loading ​2012
Proposed 20mph Zone - Cromwell Road Area (archived page) 2011
School keep clear marking, Faraday Road (archived page) 2011
Hartfield Road - Bus Lane Reintroduction (archived page) 2011
South Wimbledon Business Area Improvements (archived page) 2011
Edge Hill area (archived page) 2010
Proposed Puffin Crossing - Haydon's Road (archived page) 2010
Hollymount School Pedestrian Safety Scheme (archived page) 2010
Toynbee Road Proposed Parking and Traffic Measures (archived page) 2010
Trinity Road Zebra crossing (archived page) 2010
Plough Lane Durnsford Rd Development, Waiting and Loading Restrictions (archived page) 2010
Proposed Abbey Road Area Traffic Scheme (archived page) 2009
Ernle Road - Proposed 20mph Limit (archived page) 2009
Proposed Traffic Calming Measures - High Path area (archived page) 2009
Cecil Road area - proposed 20mph limit (archived page) 2008
Haydon's Road parking arrangements (archived page) 2008
Lake Road Area - Proposed 20mph Zone (archived page) 2008
Haydons Road Accident Remedial (archived page) 2008
Proposed 20 mph Limit - Melrose Ave area (archived page) 2008
Proposed 20mph Limit - Merton Hall Road area (archived page) (archived page) 2008
Proposed 20mph Limit - Merton Park Area (archived page) 2008
Quicks Road - proposed 20mph limit (archived page) 2008
Ridgway Place area - proposed 20mph zone 2008
Trinity Road - proposed 20mph limit (archived page) 2008
Lincoln Avenue waiting restrictions (archived page) 2007
Waterside Way - Proposed Waiting Restrictions (archived page) 2006
Haydon's Road Parking Arrangements 2005 (archived page) 2005

Wimbledon Park

Subject Last update

Proposed no stopping restrictions in Church Road, SW19

January 2023
Church Road 24 hour no stopping consultation January 2023
TMO H1 Extension of times ​June 2021
Lincoln Avenue April ​2021
Made TMOs Lincoln Avenue ​August 2021
Somerset Road - Changes to parking places and waiting restrictions ​March 2021
Proposed crossover - Ravensbury Terrace February ​2021
Melrose Avenue Review of existing contra-flow cycle lane February 2019
Leopold Road zebra crossing January 2018
Durnsford Road zebra crossing July 2017
Havana Road School Safety January 2017
Proposed Width Restriction - Ashcombe Road 2014

Wimbledon Town Centre

Subject Last update

Wimbledon Bridge cycle hire parking space consultation

Wimbledon Bridge consultation 2022
Graham Road -TMO Consultation 2022
Belvedere Area - Experimental Traffic Management Scheme 2016
Wimbledon Area Traffic Scheme 2014
Burghley Road Area - Traffic Calming Scheme 2013
Proposed Safety Measures - Garfield Road (archived page) 2013
Proposed Parking Changes - Kingston Road (archived page) 2013
Wimbledon Area Traffic Model 2012
Proposed Alternative Traffic Calming Measures - Dundonald Road (archived page) 2012
Proposed Alternative Traffic Calming Measures - Spencer Hill (archived page) 2012