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Belvedere Area - Experimental Traffic Management Scheme

Update – 19 October 2016

Following the publication of the Cabinet Member's Decision dated 16th September 2016 in response to the report dated 5th September 2016 titled Belvedere Road and Belvedere Grove Experimental width restrictions review, the decision was Called-In by Hillside and Village Ward Members. Within the Call-In a number of documents have been requested. These documents can be viewed using the following links


Experimental width Restrictions – dated 21 September 2016

The Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Environment and Housing has made a decision to remove the Experimental width restrictions from Belvedere Drive and Belvedere Grove.

The report detailing the representations received, traffic data collected before and after and officer recommendation can be viewed at the following link:
Belvedere Road & Belvedere Grove experimental width restrictions review Cabinet Member report

The Cabinet Member's decision can be viewed at the following link:
Belvedere Road and Belvedere Grove width restrictions Cabinet Member decision sheet

The Experimental TMO will expire on 23rd September 2016. It is, therefore, proposed to remove all the posts and signs associated with the width restrictions before this date and arrangements will be made to remove the build outs soon after.


Update - 24 July 2015

Following the consultation that was carried out in March 2014 a decision was made to introduce width restrictions in Belvedere Drive & Belvedere Grove under an experimental order. Please see attached links for details:
As part of the experimental order, the Council will be reviewing the operation of these features over the next 6 months. All representation received will be compiled for the Cabinet Member's attention. This review will conclude on the 22 December 2015. If you wish to contact the Council to give feedback regarding the scheme please use the contact details at the bottom of this page. All Correspondence will be reported to the cabinet member. No responses will be made until the final decision has been made.

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Update - 25 January 2013

A total of 2240 residents were consulted and 701 responses were received by the closing date of 9 July 2012. The overall results shows 11.3% in support of the proposals, 83.7% against and 5% undecided. The results and officers' recommendations were reported to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Sustainability and Regeneration and the Street Management Advisory Committee meeting on 4 December 2012.

The Cabinet Member for Environmental Sustainability and Regeneration has agreed NOT to proceed with the experimental traffic management proposals, and ask officers to develop alternative options to restrict through traffic from using the area. Any new proposals will also consider potential impact on local businesses and other areas within the borough that may be adversely affected.

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Informal consultation - June 2012

Following the Street Management Advisory Meeting (SMAC) in June 2011, the Cabinet Member, local ward members and senior Council officers have developed new traffic management proposals to prevent through traffic from using the residential roads in the Village and Hillside wards.

The proposals are to restrict access to a number of roads during certain periods of the day on an experimental basis for a period of six months, under Section 9 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984. Experimental Traffic Management Orders are used to assess whether a particular restriction would produce the desired result, or to check what consequence would arise from the imposition of a restriction before it is made permanent. These orders can remain in force for a maximum of 18 months by which time the Council must confirm, amend or remove the scheme.

Once the experimental scheme comes into force, the first six months will be the formal consultation period, where anyone can object and make representation to the scheme. The proposals form part of an integral package of measures where all the individual elements contribute to the overall success of the scheme. Therefore the measures are independent and cannot be amended without impacting on the overall scheme.

Let us know your views

This informal consultation is open to those residents/businesses within the consultation area only.

Please note that late replies may not be included and only one questionnaire per household will be accepted. If you have completed the prepaid paper questionnaire, then please do not complete the online version.

We regret that due to the large number of responses received during a public consultation it will not be possible to individually reply to each respondent. We welcome your comments on these proposals, which will be noted and included within the proposed measures where appropriate.