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Aragon Road School Safety

Cabinet Member Decision

Further to our statutory consultation between 2nd March 2017 and 24th March 2017 I am writing to inform you that all representations along with officers' comments were reported to the Cabinet Member for Regeneration Environment & Housing who after careful consideration has made the decision to proceed with the implementation of the proposed works. A notice letter and time frame of these works will be sent out to all the residents and businesses of Aragon Road.

Decision pack


Statutory Consultation

Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Environment and Housing in consultation with Ward Councillors has agreed to the following road safety measures:

1. To introduce a 20mph speed limit. Associative signs with two virtual speed tables in thermoplastic road marking outside the two school entrances. This will give the motorist the appearance of a physical vertical 'traffic calming' feature effectively 'warning markings' to raise their awareness to further reduce vehicle speeds in the 'zone' specifically on approach to the school entrances where children and parents congregate.
2. The implementation of junction entry tables with Lynmouth Avenue and Kingsbridge Road. This will enable vehicles to drive at lower speeds with improved visibility of the junction 'ahead' where all road users especially 'school children' are waiting to cross.
Further, the footway build-out at these locations will physically tighten the junction to assist in 'safer' vehicle turning movements at reduced speeds.
3. To provide double yellow lines at its junctions with Lynmouth Avenue and Kingsbridge Road. This will remove indiscriminate and obstructive parking at these locations and ensure 'safer' ingress/egress of vehicles through the junction.
4. An additional School Keep Clear zig-zag marking will be introduced to reflect the school nursery entrance.
5. The introduction of some road markings such as 'slow', '20mph' and school child legends.
6. To install school flashing signs on approaches to both school entrances. This will raise motorist alertness to the presence of children on route to and from their school.

The statutory consultation to introduce the following changes starts on 2nd March 2017 and ends on 24thMarch 2017.

  • The introduction of a 20mph speed limit
  • The introduction of junction entry tables
  • The introduction of double yellow lines
  • The introduction of School Keep Clear zig-zag

All representations must be made in writing to
Please refer to the newsletter, plan and notice using the following links below.