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Experimental Road Closure - Balfour Road

Update 21 September 2016

Following the consultation that was carried out on an Experimental road closure of Balfour Road, the Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Environment and Housing has made a decision not to proceed with the road closure. The decision also includes the undertaking of an informal consultation on the introduction of a banned left turn at Balfour Rd / Merton Road junction on an experimental basis.

Balfour Road experimental road closure Cabinet Member report
Balfour Road Cabinet Member decision sheet

The informal consultation will be carried out next financial year. All residents and affected businesses will receive a newsletter advising you of the consultation in due course.


Experimental Road Closure - Balfour Road – Update December 2015

The proposed experimental road closure has been subject to an independent Road Safety Audit a copy of which can be viewed at the following link:
Balfour Road - Road Safety Audit Document

The Road Safety Audit has identified a number of issues that the Council will need to give further consideration to and research possible mitigation options. This will be undertaken early 2016. The conclusion will be reported to the Cabinet Member and residents will be advised of a final decision by the end of February 2016.


Experimental Road Closure - Balfour Road – Update 16th October 2015


Experimental Road Closure - Balfour Road – Update  5th October 2015

Dear Resident / Business,
As you are aware the proposed experimental road closure was scheduled to be installed on Balfour Road during 5-7th October 2015; however, implementation is now under review pending the outcome of a Road Safety Audit (RSA).

What is a Road Safety Audit?
A Road Safety Audit can be undertaken at different stages of a design and construction phases and is a systematic process for checking road safety implications of new road schemes and highway improvements. A RSA is mandatory for motorways and trunk roads but can be used on local roads where safety concerns have been raised and an impartial assessment of the scheme that would help improve the scheme design. The sole objective of a RSA is to eliminate or mitigate future road accident occurrence and severity.

The appointed external Road Safety Audit team would be responsible for identifying potential safety concerns that the Council would need to consider.

What happens next?
The Council will commission the Road Safety Audit and consider future action. This page will be updated accordingly in due course.


Experimental Road Closure - Balfour Road – Update September 2015

180 consultation documents were delivered to local residents on Balfour and Cecil Road, and the immediate area. 79 responses were received with a majority of 51.6% against the proposed road closure. The Council also received 15 additional feedback forms as well as a petition from residents and businesses in the local area.

During the consultation the Cabinet Member gave the residents an undertaking that when considering the results of the informal consultation more weight would be given to those residents and businesses fronting Cecil and Balfour Roads i.e. the through route section. Given that the majority of those residents support the road closure it is proposed to undertake an experimental road closure on Balfour Road as well as a statutory consultation on the introduction of the lorry ban. The full list of proposals are as follows:

  • An experimental road closure outside No.1 Balfour Road with a removable bollard to maintain access for emergency vehicles.
  • Removal of the parking bays at the road closure and the introduction of double yellow lines to prevent obstruction and allow turning.
  • Removal of the one-way road status on Cecil Road and associated signage from outside No. 34 Balfour Road.
  • Removal of the small island at the Cecil & Balfour Road junction and replace existing yellow line with a parking bay outside Nos. 82-88.
  • A permanent 7.5T weight limit (lorry ban) which will also include a ban on public service vehicles (Buses). Access for loading/unloading purposes will be permitted.

The road closure and associated measures (items 1-4) will be introduced under an Experimental Traffic Management Order. The notice period for submitting any representation will start on the 21 September 2015 and finish on the 21 March 2016, it is envisaged that the works will take place on the 5 - 7 October 2015. All representations relating to the experimental order will be considered by the Cabinet Member after 6 months before a final decision is made.

The introduction of the 7.5T weight limit (items 5) will be introduced under a permanent Traffic Management Order. First this will be subject to a statutory consultation which will start on 10 September 2015 and will close on 2 October 2015.

All representations along with officers' comments and recommendations will be presented in a report to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Sustainability and Regeneration. Please note that responses to any representations received will not be made until the final decision is made by the Cabinet Member.

All representations for and against the proposals described in this notice must be made in writing to: Head of Sustainable Communities, Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 5DX or email before the closing dates described above. Please quote reference MW/BALFOUR objections must relate only to the elements of the scheme that are subject to this statutory consultation.


Experimental Road Closure - Balfour Road - Update January 2015

The Council is seeking your views on its intention to amend the traffic arrangement in Cecil Road and Balfour Road by implementing a road closure within the vicinity of 4 Balfour Road under an Experimental Traffic Management Order. The attached documents give further details of the proposals.