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Introducing new school streets

About school streets

A school street is a road near a school with restricted access to vehicles at drop-off and pick-up times. The restricted area is also called a school safety zone.

School streets allow children to safely walk, cycle and scoot into school. Reducing vehicle journeys is important for improving air quality, climate change and will help to support a green recovery following restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

To find out more about school streets, see our School Streets Guide.

Expansion 2020

To help children to be safe from traffic and high levels of air pollution, we have now expanded our school street programme to include the schools within the list below.

List of School Streets under an Experimental Traffic Management Order

You can also view a full list of school streets.

Cabinet report and decisions


The school streets were rolled out during September and October 2020 under Experimental Orders which came into effect on 8 October 2020. The statutory consultation will run for a period of 6-12 months. By the 18th month, a final decision will be taken about which school streets will be made permanent.


As part of the Experimental Order process, you can submit your comments for the implemented School Streets using the following links for each school. However, we respectfully request that comments are made after November 2020 when you have had the opportunity to experience the improvements.

Benefits of school streets

  • Create a safer and more pleasant environment for families.
  • Encourages active travel to and from school, helping children lead healthier and more active lives.
  • Motor vehicle use will be reduced which will reduce congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions. This will support a "green recovery", following restrictions put in place due to Covid-19.

Restricted times

Times of the restrictions vary (please see List of School Streets 2020). Restrictions will not operate during school holidays or at weekends. All vehicles already parked in the affected street will be able to leave at any time.

School term dates and holidays


Access will be made for local residents, business and teachers, but only if they have registered for exemption and meet the criteria. Exemptions will also be made for blue badge holders and emergency vehicles.

Visitors and deliveries will not normally be permitted during closure times. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by case basis.

All residents affected by the new School Streets have now been sent the information on how to apply for an exemption. Once you have completed your application, your vehicle will be covered immediately. You may, however, receive a pending message prior to confirmation. ANPR enforcement will start on 11 November 2020.

School Streets Exemption process letter

Parent and carers access

Parents or carers dropping children at school will not be able to enter the school street zone. You can only enter if you or your child are a blue badge holder. You will still be able to walk, cycle or scoot to school in a more friendly and safe environment.

Scheme duration

If successful, the scheme will be made permanent. A decision will be made no later than 18 months after implementation.

Proposed layouts

Letters sent to residents

Experimental orders