​​​​​​​​​​​​​We work with Transport for London, London Cycle Network, Merton Cycling Campaign and Sustrans to develop and maintain high-quality cycling facilities in Merton.

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Lingfield Road contraflow cycle lane 18 February 2021


We are committed to encouraging cycling and are keen to develop cycle routes that are safe, user-friendly and clearly signed that form useful links to existing routes and town centres.

Cycle Skills Network Audit

Merton Cycle Skills Network Audit 2012

This is a detailed survey of all roads and motor traffic free paths in Merton. Each route is classified by the skill level that cyclists would need to have achieved to be able to ride on it safely.

Merton cycle map

The Merton cycle map shows all existing cycling infrastructure within Merton ranging from carriageway segregated cycle lanes to Quietway routes

Cycle lane defenders

Creating space for cyclists along key routes is a key part of our COVID-19 Transport Strategy.

To encourage more people to cycle and improve safety for cyclists within the borough of Merton light segregation in the form of cycle lane defenders have been installed within the borough at the following locations.