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Wimbledon Chase waiting and loading

Update - 19 January 2012

Following the implementation of the proposed loading bay on Kingston Road outside properties 353 to 36, it has been brought to the Council's attention that there are visibility problems for motorists turning into Kingston Road from Sandringham Avenue. As a result the Council is proposing to relocate the existing loading bay further away from the junction and has initiated a formal consultation.​

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Update - 11 March 2011

Following the formal consultation carried out in February 2011, the Cabinet Member for Environmental Sustainability and Regeneration, having considered all representations received, has made a decision to proceed with implementing an amended scheme.

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Formal Consultation - February 2011

The council is proposing the introduction of a new loading bay facility outside properties 353 to 361 Kingston Road, which includes the relocation of an existing bus stop and associated works.

The key elements of the proposals are as follows:

  1. Introduction of a loading bay in Kingston Road.
  2. Relocation of the existing eastbound bus stop together with the bus stop Clearway and bus shelter to the section of Kingston Road between its junctions with Rothesay Avenue and Chase Side Avenue.
  3. The removal of 6 ‘free, time limited’ parking bays in Kingston Road.
  4. Introduction of 3 ‘free, time limited’ parking bays opposite those removed in (3) above.
  5. Extension of existing waiting and loading restrictions on approach to the new location of the eastbound bus stop.
  6. Upgrading of existing waiting restrictions between the existing westbound bus stop and proposed new parking bays on the south eastern kerbline of Kingston Road.

As part of the changes to the road layout and to ensure the safe movement of traffic it will also be necessary to buildout the junction of Sandringham Avenue and Kingston Road.

The above proposals are shown on the plan in the linked newsletter below. If you wish to make representation 'for or against' the proposals please follow the instructions contained in the linked newsletter.

Additionally, under separate proposals, the​ Council is looking to undertake a consultation in the forthcoming months on Residents’ Parking controls for Rothesay Avenue, Chase Side Avenue and Oxford Avenue. Local residents will be informed of these proposals through a consultation leaflet thus providing an opportunity to comment.

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