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Merton's Local Plan and Policies Map was submitted to the Secretary of State on 2 December 2021. The Secretary of State has appointed G J Fort BA PGDip LLM MCD MRTPI and R J Aston BSc (Hons) DipTP MRTPI to conduct the examination. The timetable for the examination will be available in early 2022.

Merton Council appointed a Programme Officer, Carmel Edwards, to manage the Local Plan and Policies Map examination on behalf of the Planning Inspectors. All correspondence or queries relating to the examination should be directed to the Programme Officer, Carmel Edwards by telephone on 07969 631930 or by email at programmeofficer@carmeledwards.com

Local Plan examination

Examination documents from the inspectors

The documents in this section are being published for the first time. They are relevant to the examination of the Local Plan

Examination documents from the council

LBM01 - Response to the Inspectors Preliminary Matters dated 02 March 2022


LBM02 – Response to the Inspectors second preliminary matters


Other examination documents from the council

Examination documents from participants

Statements of Common Ground

Submission documents 2 December 2021

Any document that is being published here for the first time is uploaded directly on to this webpage.

0D1Merton's Local Plan Stage 3 Reg 19 - July 2021
0D2Merton’s Local Plan Policies Map Stage 3 Reg 19 – July 2021
0D3Sustainability appraisal of Merton's Local Plan stage 3 Reg 19 July 2021
0D4Merton’s local plan incorporating proposed modifications (updated as Document 0D4ii under “examination documents from the council”)
0D4aProposed Main Modifications to Merton’s Local Plan (updated as Document 0D4aii under “examination documents from the council”)
0D4bProposed Additional Modifications to Merton’s Local Plan (updated as Document 0D4bi under “examination documents from the council”)
0D5Sustainability appraisal of Merton's Local Plan Reg19 incorporating proposed modifications (updated as Document 0D5i under “examination documents from the council”)
0D6Schedule of Regulation 19 representations to Merton's Local Plan stage 3 July - September 2021
0D7Complete copies of all representations to Merton's Local Plan Stage 3 July - September 2021
0D8Merton's Local Plan - consultation statement 2021
0D9Merton's Local Plan - PAS soundness self assessment toolkit 2021
0D10Merton's Local Plan Equalities Impact Assessment 2021
0D11Merton Local Plan Health Impact Assessment 2021
0D12Merton's Local Plan Habitats Regulations Assessment 2021
0D13Merton’s local plan duty to co-operate statement and statements of common ground 2021 (Additional Statements of Common Ground added as Documents 0d13a to 0D13m under “examination documents from the council”)
0D15Stage 2a consultation documents of Merton's Local Plan November 2020-February 2021
0D16Stage 2a sustainability appraisal of Merton's Local Plan November 2020-February 2021
0D17Stage 2 consultation documents for Merton's Local Plan 2018 - 2019
0D18Sustainability appraisal scoping report of Merton's Local Plan 2018-2019
0D19Merton Local Development Scheme 2019-2022
0D20National Planning Policy Framework NPPF 2021
0D21National Planning Policy Framework NPPF 2019
0D22National Planning Policy for Waste NPPW 2014
0D23National Planning Practice Guidance
0D24Merton Air Quality Action Plan 2018-2023
0D25Merton Estates Local Plan 2018
0D26Merton Sites and Policies Plan and Policies Map 2014
0D27Merton Core Planning Strategy 2011
0D28Merton Authority Monitoring Report 2019-20
0D29Planning White Paper consultation 2020
0D30National Model Design Code 2021
0D31Merton's Community Plan 2020-2026
0D32London Plan 2021
0D33Merton's Statement of Community Involvement 2020
0D34Merton's Statement of Community Involvement revisions to the Statement of Community Involvement during COVID-19 pandemic

Climate change

2D1Merton Climate Strategy and action plan 2020
2D2Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - special report on global warming of 1.5C 2018
2D3Committee on Climate Change "Net Zero - the UK's contribution to stopping global warming 2019
2D4Climate change act 2008 - UK government
2D5Mayor's Zero carbon London - a 1.5C compatible plan 2018
2D6London Environment Strategy 2018
2D7Merton Council declares a climate emergency 2019
2D8Merton Climate Action support - Aether 2020
2D9London Energy Transformation Initiative LETI Climate emergency design guide 2020
2D10A report for the Committee on Climate Change - the costs and benefits of tighter standards for new buildings Currie Brown AECOM 2019
2D11Committee on Climate Change "UK Housing fit for the future? 2019
2D12Towards Net Zero Carbon - achieving greater carbon reductions on site, the role of carbon pricing 2019
2D13Zero carbon Hub – fabric energy efficiency for zero carbon homes a flexible performance standard for 2016
2D14Islington energy evidence base Etude 2017
2D15Mayor of London Future Homes Standard changes to Part L and Part F Building Regulations for new dwellings consultation response 2020
2D16Committee on Climate Change Letter Future Homes Standards and tightening Part L in 2020
2D17UK Green Building Council response to MHCLG consultation on the Future Homes Standard 2020
2D18London Environment Strategy 2018 - appendix 2 evidence base
2D19Clean growth - transforming heating overview of current evidence BEIS 2018
2D20Passivhaus - the route to zero carbon 2019
2D21Zero Carbon Hub - closing the gap between design and as built performance 2014
2D22Clean growth strategy BEIS 2017
2D23Energy Technology Institute Smart systems and heat - decarbonising heat for UK homes 2015
2D24GLA report low carbon heat - heat pumps in London 2018
2D25Committee on Climate Change “An independent assessment of the UK's Clean growth Strategy - From ambition ot action”
2D26Committee on Climate Change “Hydrogen in a low-carbon economy,”
2D27Merton District Heating Feasibility phase 1 heat mapping and energy masterplanning 2017
2D28Merton District Heating Feasibility phase 2 network development and financial modelling 2018
2D29Carbon Trust - an analysis of electricity system flexibility for Great Britain 2016
2D30Committee on Climate Change Analysis of alternative UK heat decarbonisation pathways Imperial College London 2018
2D31MHCLG National Design Guide 2021
2D32London Energy Transformation Initiative LETI Defining and aligning whole life carbon and embodied carbon
2D33Waterwise UK manifesto 2009 - 2010
2D34Met Office UK Climate Averages
2D35Environment Agency - water stressed areas final classification 2013
2D36Committee on Climate change Under pressure preparing for UK water shortages 2017
2D37Zero Carbon Hub Defining a fabric energy efficiency standard for zero carbon homes 2009
2D38London Be Seen energy monitoring guidance 2020
2D39BRE Overheating in dwellings 2016
2D40Good homes alliance - overheating in new homes guidance 2019
2D41BEIS Energy White Paper - powering our net zero future 2020
2D42National Infrastructure Commission E4tech cost analysis of future heat infrastructure options
2D43Climate change adaptation in buildings - subsidence NBS 2014
2D44Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap - Summary for Policy-Makers 2021
2D45Merton Planning Guidance to support Merton's Draft Climate Change Policies 2021
2D46Merton's Draft Energy Assessment Template for Minor Residential Schemes 2021
2D47Merton Local Plan climate change policies – note on viability testing



5D1Morden Strategic Development Framework 2019
5D2Morden Town Centre Heritage Review 2020
5D3Morden Town Centre Visual Impact Assessment 2020
5D4Merton Council Cabinet Report 'Delivery of the regeneration of Morden town centre' 15 Jan 2018
5D5Merton Council Cabinet Meeting Minutes 15 Jan 2018
5D6Merton Council Cabinet Report 'Morden Town Centre Regeneration' 11 Nov 2019
5D7Merton Council Cabinet Meeting Minutes 11 Nov 2019
5D8Statement of Consultation and consultation results - Making more of Morden town centre consultation 2016
5D9Creating a Vision for Morden Engagement Report 2019


9D1FutureWimbledon SPD 2020

Health and wellbeing

10D1Merton Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024
10D2Merton Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (health) 2015
10D3Merton Story 2021 (health) 2021


11D1London Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2017
11D2London Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2017
11D3London Affordable Housing and Viability SPG 2017
11D4London housing strategy 2018
11D5London Plan inspectors' report 2019
11D6Merton housing delivery study 2021
11D7Merton Housing Viability study 2020
11D8Merton strategic housing needs assessment and Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2019
11D9Merton Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment July 2019.
11D10Housing delivery test action plan November 2021
11D11Housing annual position statement (including 5 year land supply) November 2021 (partly updated as Document 11D15 under “examination documents from the council”)
11D12Merton's draft housing delivery strategy and action plan consultation November 2021
11D13Planning Policy for Traveller Sites 2015

Places and spaces in a growing borough

12D1Merton Borough Character Study 2021
12D2Merton Small Sites Toolkit 2021
12D3Merton Basement and Subterranean Development SPD 2017
12D4Merton Shop Front Guidance SPD 2017
12D5Historic England Advice Note 4: Tall Buildings 2015
12D6Historic England Good Practice Note 3: The Setting of Heritage Assets 2017
12D7Wandle Vistas: Technical Report Part 1 2018
12D8Wandle Vistas: Technical Report Part 2 2018
12D9Merton Conservation Area Character Appraisals
12D10MHCLG: National Design Guide 2021
12D11MHCLG: National Design Code 2021
12D12Sport England: Active Design 2017
12D13TfL: Small Change, Big Impact 2017
12D15Merton Tall Buildings Presentation to GLA 2021
12D16Good Quality Homes for All Londoners: London Plan Guidance Consultation 2020
12D17Historic England London Borough of Merton Archaeological Priority Areas Appraisal 2016
12D18Local List of buildings of historical or architectural interest (updated November 2021)


13D1London Industrial Land Demand Study 2017
13D1aLondon Industrial Land Supply and Economy Study 2015
13D2London Office Policy Review 2017
13D3London Town Centre Health Check Analysis 2018


14D1South London Waste Plan 2022 submission version
14D2South London Waste Plan 2012 adopted
14D3Merton Indoor Sports Facility Study 2020
14D4Merton Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2021
14D5Merton Playing Pitch Strategy 2019
14D6Merton Health and Care Estates Strategy - Merton CCG 2021

Green and blue infrastructure

15D1Merton Green Infrastructure Biodiversity and Open Space Study 2020
15D2Merton Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 2020
15D3Merton Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 2020
15D4Merton Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 Appendix A Part 1 2020
15D5Merton Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 Appendix A Part 2 2020
15D6Merton Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 Appendix A Part 3 2020
15D7Merton Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Online Map
15D8London sustainable drainage action plan 2016
15D9Merton Air Quality Annual Report 2020
15D10Merton Air Quality SPD 2021
15D11Merton sustainable drainage design and evaluation guide SPD 2020
15D12GLA Air Quality Neutral London Plan Guidance
15D13Sequential and Exception Test Report July 2022

Sustainable travel

16D1Merton Local Implementation Plan (LIP)3 2019
16D2TfL Healthy Streets for London 2017
16D3The Mayor of London Transport Strategy

Policies Map

18D1Crossrail2 Safeguarding map 2015
18D2Merton Infrastructure Funding Statement 2020
18D3Metropolitan Open Land Policies Map summary of changes 2014-2021