To find out if you live in a conservation area search My Neighbourhood.

The 28 conservation areas in Merton are listed here alphabetically along with supporting documents.

The supporting documents include:

  • maps showing an area’s boundary
  • character assessments or appraisals setting out an area’s characteristics and how to protect and enhance it
  • sustainability appraisals looking at environmental impacts on an area
  • management plans describing the conservation challenges and how an area will be managed
  • design guides highlighting the main architectural features and qualities of an area
  • boundary assessments considering whether an area’s boundary needs to change
  • statement of community involvement outlining how the public have been consulted
  • article 4 directions stating the additional planning controls in a conservation area

Not all conservation areas have a character appraisal – these will be added when available. We’re producing character appraisals for the whole of the borough. You can view these appraisals on our Borough character study page.​


Conservation areas – A-D

Bathgate Road

Bertram Cottages

Copse Hill

Cricket Green, Mitcham

Drax Avenue

Dennis Park Crescent

Dunmore Road

Durham Road


Conservation areas – J-L

John Innes: Merton Park

John Innes: Wilton Crescent

Kenilworth Avenue

Lambton Road

Leopold Road


Conservation areas – M-V

Merton Hall Road

Pelham Road

South Park Gardens

Upper Morden

Vineyard Hill Road


Conservation areas – W

Wandle Valley

Sub area character assessments:

Westcoombe Avenue

Wimbledon Broadway

Wimbledon Chase

Wimbledon Hill Road

Wimbledon North

Character assessment

Response to consultations

Boundary changes maps

Wimbledon Village

Wimbledon West

Character assessment

Wimbledon Windmill

Wool Road