Our Local Plan sets out a vision and a plan for the future development of Merton. The plan guides decisions on whether planning applications are granted. It's made up of the documents listed below.


Estates Local Plan

Merton's Estates Local Plan contains detailed planning policies, prepared by the council to guide what could be built and assess any planning applications for three estates in Merton, namely Eastfields (Mitcham), High Path (South Wimbledon) and Ravensbury (Mitcham/Morden). 


Core Planning Strategy 2011-2026

The Core Planning Strategy is a plan for the future of the borough – it provides a 15-year vision on regeneration and development in Merton till 2026.


Sites and Policies Plan and Policies Maps 2014-2024

The Sites and Policies Plan contains policies which help us assess planning applications. It also includes sites for redevelopment. The Policies Map shows where developments can or can't take place, for example town centre boundaries and open spaces.


South London Waste Plan 2012

The South London Waste Plan guides planning applications for developments that manage waste.


Local Development Scheme

At the Cabinet meeting on 15 July 2019, the Cabinet resolved to update the LDS (the project plan and timetable for development plans) to take effect on 19 September 2019, replacing the Council's LDS 2016-19.

We publish a timetable for the development of a Local Plan in a three-year project plan called a Local Development Scheme (LDS). Our current LDS covers the Local Estates Plan for Eastfield, High Path and Ravensbury.


Authority Monitoring Report

The Authority's Monitoring Report (AMR) monitors the performance of Merton's planning polices and the extent to which we are meeting targets set out in the project plan (Local Development Scheme)

It contains statistical information on Merton's socio-economic profile, housing delivery, employment and open spaces.

It also includes Merton's performance against its share of London's housing target and a list of the sites for new homes that are expected to be built within the next five years.

The AMR is published each January and monitors the preceding financial year. For example, Merton's AMR 2004-05 monitored development between 1April 2004 and 31 March 2005, and was published in January 2006.

Please note the file sizes of each full AMR are over 3MB and will therefore take a while to download if you do not have a broadband internet connection.


Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out our commitment to involve the local community in planning.

Statement of Community Involvement (adopted July 2006)


Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPGs) provide guidance on planning policies in the Local Plan. They can be Character Appraisals of a particular area, topic-based Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPGs) notes or Planning Briefs for a specific site.

Supplementary Planning Documents


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