Where can motorcyclists park?

See Motorcycle parking


What is the cost of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)?

See PCN costs and contravention codes


Can I pay a PCN by instalments?

No, we do not accept payment by instalments. Please see our PCN instalment policy.


Where may I park in a controlled parking zone (CPZ)?

See Controlled Parking Zones


What is a permit holder bay?

This is a bay in which only vehicles displaying a valid resident, business or visitor permit may be parked.
Parking bays
Parking permits


What is a Pay and Display bay?

These are bays designed for short-term parking. Any vehicle parked in these bays during the hours that the controlled parking zone (CPZ) operates must display a valid "pay and display" ticket that may be purchased from a nearby ticket machine.

See Parking Bays for full details

Controlled parking zones


What is a shared use bay?

This is a bay that may be used by either permit holders (without additional charge) or by non-permit holders who must purchase a "pay and display" ticket. These bays have a "maximum stay" that only "pay and display" users must adhere to.

See Parking Bays for full details


How much does Pay and Display cost?

See Parking Meters


Where can Blue Badge holders park?

See Blue Badge scheme


What do yellow lines mean?

Yellow lines indicate where vehicles should not be parked. Single yellow lines operate only during the controlled hours of a zone unless signs indicate otherwise. Double yellow lines are operational at all times.
Highway Code: waiting and parking (GOV.UK website)


How much do resident and business permits cost?

Please see the Resident Parking Permits and Business Parking Permits pages.


Why must I pay to park in my street?

In order to meet the costs of installation, maintenance, enforcement and review of the zone, we must charge residents/businesses and their visitors. Controlled parking is not a core service of the council and government advice states that it should be financially self-sufficient. By law, any revenue generated from parking must be spent on transport related schemes.


What if I have special care needs?

If you are housebound and require regular care or nursing attendance, you may apply for a free discretionary permit.
Resident permits


How are regulations enforced?

Uniformed Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) regularly patrol zones and issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) to any illegally parked vehicle.

Parking and moving traffic enforcement


How will I know when regulations are in force?

Zone entry signs show the hours of operation of zones. Any restrictions within a zone that do not operate for these times are signed independently.