Within a controlled parking zone (CPZ) you must park in a designated bay. You may also have to display a permit, Blue Badge, or "pay and display" ticket as described below.



If you are moving house or carrying out building work you can apply to have a parking bay suspended. See Suspending parking bays and yellow lines


Types of parking bay

Permit holder bays

This is a bay in which only vehicles displaying a valid resident, business or visitor permit may be parked. Some bays have signs stating that they are for "resident permit holders only" - business parking permits are not valid in these bays.

Parking permits

Pay and display only bays

These are bays designed for short-term parking. Any vehicle parked in these bays during the hours that the controlled parking zone (CPZ) operates must display a valid "pay and display" ticket that may be purchased from a nearby ticket machine. Each of these bays allows non-permit holders' vehicles to park up to a "maximum stay". Parking is free in these bays outside the hours that the CPZ operates. However, it is not possible to purchase a ticket until the bays become operational. The operational times of the bays are shown on parking signs, and on this website at the following link:

Controlled parking zones

Shared use bays

This is a bay that may be used by either permit holders (without additional charge) or by non-permit holders who must purchase a "pay and display" ticket. These bays have a "maximum stay" that only "pay and display" users must adhere to.

Motorcycle bays

Parking in these bays is free of charge and there is no time limit. These bays for motorcycles only and it is a contravention to park any other type of vehicle in a motorcycle bay.

Motorcycle parking

Disabled parking bays

Any driver legally displaying a Blue Badge may use a disabled parking bay.

If you are a Blue Badge holder with no usable off-street parking space and have difficulty in parking on the street near your home, we may be able to provide a disabled parking bay near your house.

Disabled parking bays

Blue Badge scheme


Ten minute grace period

Drivers are allowed a 10-minute grace period at all pay-and-display and shared use parking bays. This means that if you park for longer than allowed in such a bay, you will not receive a penalty charge notice unless you have overstayed for more than 10 minutes. The grace period was introduced from 6 April 2015, following a change in the law.


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