Our civil enforcement officers (CEOs) patrol all roads across the borough, but if you note a parking contravention taking place when our CEOs are not present you can report it to us.

Report a parking offence

We can issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) when a vehicle is parked contravening the restrictions. Examples of this are when a vehicle parks:

  • on the pavement or grass verge
  • on yellow lines during restricted hours
  • in a disabled bay without a Blue Badge
  • obstructing the flat section of a driveway or dropped kerb (see image below)
  • loading or unloading at a restricted place or time.

You will need to provide us with the description and location of the vehicle.

Before you submit an enquiry via this link, please note:

  • we will only respond to reports of parking contraventions
  • if a vehicle is parked inconsiderately but is not contravening parking restrictions then we can’t take enforcement action
  • we do not remove vehicles.

Vehicles blocking a dropped kerb

Vehicles must not park in a way that blocks any part of the flat section of a dropped kerb, shown by the red lines in the picture below.

Diagram of dropped kerb

What happens next

Our parking enforcement officers work on Mondays to Saturdays 7am–10pm (except public holidays), and Sundays 11.45am–4pm. They will arrange for a CEO to visit the location and issue a PCN if the vehicle contravenes parking restrictions. A CEO may not be available to attend your request immediately, as they may be patrolling elsewhere.

Please note you won't get a reply about the outcome of an enforcement officer visit.