If you are moving house or carrying out building work you can apply to have a parking bay suspended. Single yellow line dispensations (i.e. our consent to park on a yellow line) may also be issued for these requirements.

Where and when suspensions are possible

We can only suspend or sign and cone an area if the road is within a controlled parking zone.

Once suspended, the bay cannot be used by any vehicle(s) other than those displaying waiver notices (see What Happens Next) for the intended purpose of the suspension . The suspension will be in place all day and night for the period requested and any unauthorised vehicle found parked in the suspended bay (including those with resident or visitor permits) will be issued with a penalty charge notice (PCN). It is therefore important that if a requested suspension is no longer required or works are completed early, we should be notified accordingly so that the suspension can be removed to enable parking to recommence.

For enquiries relating to the suspension of parking within a car park, please call us to discuss cost and feasibility. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.


Cost of a parking bay suspension or dispensation

From 1 April 2016 the charge for a bay suspension is £25.00 per bay per day (or part of a day) and each application carries a non-refundable administration fee of £25.00 to cover the costs of preparing and displaying notices at the location. To suspend parking for any length of time, we must be satisfied that the bays will be used for its intended purpose.

A yellow line dispensation costs £13.20 per day, per vehicle, and you are advised to provide us with the vehicle registration.


Length of bays

One bay is approximately five to six metres in length and you are advised to liaise with the removals company for confirmation on the number of bays required.


How to apply

We require 7 full working days notice to process a parking bay suspension and/or yellow line dispensation and you are required to submit a suspension and dispensation application form.

The form must be filled out correctly and neatly ensuring you have read and understood the terms and conditions.

You must sign the form either by hand or type print as any application without a signature will not be accepted and this may delay your application.


What happens next?

A member of staff will call to collect payment, usually by credit or debit card, although cash and cheques are also acceptable. If paying by cheque, you need to allow time for the cheque to clear before we can suspend any bays.

Whilst we endeavour to call you within 48 hours of submitting your application (working days only), the onus is on the applicant to ensure that the form has been received in the parking office and payment is made on time.

Once processed, a notice of parking waiver (which relates to the suspension of bays) or a yellow line dispensation, will be emailed to you or, in the absence of an email address, sent through the post. You must print out the notice and clearly display it in the windscreen of the vehicle located in the suspended bay/s or yellow line.


Signs and cones

Signs and cones are generally placed 48 hours before the date of a bay suspension. However, should someone park in the suspended bay on the actual day, you are required to find alternative legal parking, without causing an obstruction to other road users. Please note that yellow line dispensations are signed only.



The London Borough of Merton does not operate a towing service.
A refund, less the £25.00 administration fee, will only be issued if we are given a minimum of 24 hours notice before the suspension is due to commence.
Regardless of obtaining a waiver or dispensation, the vehicle must be parked without causing an obstruction, and you must move the vehicle if directed to by a Police Office or Civil Enforcement Officer.


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