Due to the coronavirus pandemic we will not issue a penalty charge notice if you use a Blue Badge with an expiry date of 1 January 2020 or later, provided you have otherwise used it correctly.

A Blue Badge must only be used to enable the badge holder to park closer to their destination, either as the driver or the passenger. If we suspect that a Blue Badge is being misused we can confiscate it.

You must show a Blue Badge to a council enforcement officer if they ask to see it. Council officers may operate in plain clothes when checking Blue Badges. They will be able to produce identification to prove who they are. 

Report misuse

If you think someone is misusing a Blue Badge please report it to us.

Report Blue Badge Misuse

We will seek to prosecute all cases of misuse. Misusing a Blue Badge is a criminal offence that can lead to a £1,000 fine. 

Ask about a confiscated Blue Badge

If we confiscate your Blue Badge, we will keep it for a few days to verify the details. If the badge is valid, we will return it to the relevant issuing authority. If the badge was issued by Merton Council and our investigations show that it was not being misused then we will return it to you.

Contact us about a confiscated Blue Badge

Council officers are not permitted to meet with you in person or discuss the confiscation of the Blue Badge, so please do not make a personal visit for this purpose. 

How a Blue Badge can be used

Your Blue Badge is for your use and benefit only. It must only be displayed if you are travelling in the vehicle as a driver or passenger, or if someone is collecting you or dropping you off close to where you need to go.

  • Don't allow other people to use the Blue Badge to do something on your behalf, such as shopping or collecting something for you.
  • You must never give the Blue Badge to friends or family to allow them to park for free, even if they are visiting you.
  • You should not use the Blue Badge to allow non-disabled people to take advantage of the benefits while you sit in the car. You are not benefitting from this and it could prevent another badge holder from parking within a manageable distance of their destination.

If someone else is driving you, you must let them know the rules.

See Rights and Responsibilities for Blue Badge holders (GOV.UK) for full details of how to use and display a Blue Badge correctly.