Penalty charge notices (PCNs) are issued when a vehicle is in contravention of parking, bus lane or moving traffic regulations within our borough. Appealing against a PCN is called "making a representation".

It is not possible to appeal a PCN after paying the penalty charge. Payment of a PCN indicates that the motorist has accepted liability and the right of appeal is lost. 

Who can appeal

Where a PCN, Notice to Owner or Enforcement Notice has been served by post, we will only enter into correspondence with the registered keeper of the vehicle as recorded by the DVLA. The registered keeper may email or write to us to advise that they have appointed a representative to deal with the matter on their behalf and only then will we correspond with the named representative. 

View evidence or pay your PCN online

You can view photographic evidence of your contravention (if any was taken) and appeal or pay your PCN on our website. You will need your PCN number and vehicle registration.

View evidence online

Appealing your PCN

If you drive in a restricted route, make a prohibited turn or stop in a yellow box junction, our CCTV cameras will pick up your registration number and send the registered owner a penalty charge notice together with a photo of the vehicle from the camera.

If you think you shouldn't have received the notice, you can appeal either 

  • online
    Appeal your PCN
  • or by sending a signed and dated letter quoting your penalty charge notice number (MT…..). to:
  • Merton Parking Services
    Merton Civic Centre
    London Road
    SM4 5DX

We don't accept appeals in person or by telephone

If your representation (challenge) is successful, the fine will be withdrawn and we will notify you of this.

If it is unsuccessful you will receive a Notice of Rejection. If we received your challenge within 14 days from the date on the PCN, we will give you another 14 days to pay the discounted charge on your notice. This is the only time the discount will be offered.

If we receive your challenge after the 14 days have passed, then you will be charged the full amount.

If you pay your charge at any stage, you lose your right to appeal. 

Freedom of Information requests

Please do not include requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 with your appeal. If you wish to request information, please email

Guidance on requesting information is available on our Freedom of Information page. 

If you would like to make a further challenge

You can appeal to the London Tribunals

If our response to the representation made at the Enforcement Notice stage is not to cancel it, then you will receive a Notice of Rejection. You will also receive details of how you can apply to the London Tribunals for them to adjudicate on this matter. You cannot apply to London Tribunals until you have received a Notice of Rejection to your Enforcement Notice.

If you decide to ask for adjudication from London Tribunals you will be notified when the case is to be heard. You can attend in person or the case can be heard in your absence. There are no additional costs to you for using London Tribunals and the adjudicator's decision is binding on both parties.

If the adjudicator decides that the 34J PCN is valid, you will be given a further 28 days to pay it at the higher rate. After an appeal has been heard, you have no further right to appeal.

For further information see the London Tribunals website

If you miss the payment deadline you will get a Charge Certificate and your fine will increase by 50%.  

What if I still don't pay?

If you still don't pay we will apply to the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) to register the outstanding debt. A court registration fee will be added on.

We will send an Order for Recovery and Statutory Declaration to the registered keeper. You can either:

  • pay the fine
  • file a Statutory Declaration with the TEC (if one of the limited grounds applies to you as detailed on the Order for Recovery).

If we don't receive a response, we may apply for a Warrant of Execution to the TEC and your case will be passed to the Enforcement Agents (bailiffs). You will be liable to pay enforcement charges on top of the existing fine.