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Many under-used pay and display machines in Merton are being removed, but you’ll be able to pay before you even undo your seatbelt.

Currently, customers can pay either using RingGo cashless parking, or by cash at a pay-and-display machine. The key changes we are making are:

  • replacing around 45 pay-and-display machines with new payment terminals in 2022 – these will be in high usage areas
  • retaining some existing machines in medium usage for 12 – 24 months whilst further transition to cashless parking occurs
  • establishing a network of PayPoint retail outlets where drivers can pay by cash from autumn 2021
  • removing (and not replacing) some payment machines where there is another one close by.

Over 76% of customers currently pay using RingGo, and will continue to pay in the way they currently do.

New payment terminals

Customers will enter their vehicle registration number using a keyboard.

All machines will accept coins ad machines in car parks will accept contactless card payments as well.

The machines are modular so payment methods can be reviewed and easily changes over time.

Machines due to be decommissioned will be covered with special corsets over the coming months explaining the new ways to pay.

PayPoint network

A cash payment option will be available at PayPoint retailers, of which there are 55 near to parking areas. When a customer enters a PayPoint location the customer would pay the shopkeeper in cash and their session would be uploaded to the RingGo solution. This is a payment option that is already in use across other London boroughs, however with the migration to cashless options the uptake remains very low.

For a map of PayPoint locations, see Pay for parking at a PayPoint.


Users of the RingGo cashless parking service can already: 

  • pay without the need of coins, 
  • pay at their convenience and not have to use a payment terminal and display a ticket, 
  • extend their parking session, 
  • receive SMS reminders about the expiry of their session, 
  • review their parking history and preferences. 

We currently operate 434 pay-and-display machines: 392 on streets, 38 in car parks, and 4 in recreational grounds. Payment at these machines can be made by cash only. 

At each pay and display machine location, customers are offered the option to pay by telephone call, SMS or mobile app using RingGo, as well as at the machine. 

In recent years, there has been a steady growth in payments made by RingGo and a decline in customers paying by cash. In the period 2019/20, 70% of payments were made using RingGo. 

As at April 2021 the RingGo usage is at 76% and coins at 24%. There has been an approximate 1% movement to RingGo from coins each month for the last 24 months. We expected that this trend will continue, and may accelerate given these proposals. 

There are a number of machines close to each other that serve the same parking area. Multiple machines will be removed and not replaced as an alternative machine will remain available. 

Many of our current machines are over 10 years old and the cost to repair and maintain the existing estate of machines continues to rise. 

These changes were agreed at Cabinet on 12 July 2021

Questions and answers

Why are you replacing the payment terminal I use?

We are modernising the payment terminals so that they accept card and contactless payments which are more popular with customers and more COVID safe.

Why is there is no longer a machine where I used to pay?

The vast majority of people now pay through the RingGo system and the terminal in this area has been identified as a very low usage terminal so will be removed and not replaced. A cash payment option is available via PayPoint.

What's different about the new payment terminals?

The new terminals will have bigger, brighter screens and provide information in a range of foreign languages. They will continue to accept coin payments. Some will also accept contactless payments (all car parks). You will need to enter your vehicle registration mark. Over time, we will be removing the requirement to display a ticket so you won’t need to return to your vehicle to display this.

How can I pay?

You can pay by RingGo, either by phone call, text message or smartphone app. On-site signs explain how, or you can visit our Pay by Mobile Phone for Parking page. You do not need a smartphone to use RingGo and can use a standard mobile phone.

If you still wish to pay by cash you can do so at all machines and where there is no machine at a network of PayPoint retailers. On-site signs will explain where the nearest one is, or you can find a local PayPoint online. You will need to know your vehicle registration number if paying for your parking through PayPoint, as the retailer will be using the RingGo system on your behalf. Please take care with 0 and O and 1 and I.

What is PayPoint?

PayPoint is a service offered by local retailers that allows customers to make cash payments for a number of items, such as utility bills but also parking. Merton has the highest number of PayPoint locations in London and there are 55 of them near to parking areas.

What happens if I receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) in the time it takes me to walk to the nearest PayPoint location?

You are able to challenge the issue of the PCN. Instructions will be on the reverse of the ticket issued to your vehicle. We will look at each case on its own merits and compare the time the parking session was purchased. Please also remember that there is no parking ticket to display, so you don't need to return to your vehicle, you can go straight on to your destination.

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