Before applying for planning permission, please read the notes below.

Apply online at the Planning Portal

If you have difficulty in making an application via the Planning Portal then simply provide a short supplementary note to accompany your submission.


Check if you need planning permission

Do you need planning permission? (Planning Portal website)


Applications must be complete and accurate

Your application may be made invalid, and the planning process delayed, if you do not provide the information required to support your application. The validation checklists contain notes on what standard of information is required; for instance drawings should be to scale and include a scale bar. Please note that national requirements include the submission of accurate, scaled drawings; and it is possible that a planning permission granted upon the basis of inaccurate plans could be rescinded.


Maps and copyright

We can not provide Ordnance Survey maps for use as site location plans. Please do not print copies of OS maps (or other copyrighted material) found using the online Planning Explorer in connection with existing applications as these cannot be accepted. Please also do not submit photocopies of copyrighted material (such as from OS maps in libraries) unless it is accompanied with a waiver from the copyright owner allowing you to use it for non-personal uses. The Planning Portal provides a mapping service, as does the National Map Centre; and there are free resources to be found on the web (these may be subject to personal-use clauses in licenses that may mean that they cannot be used for gain / making a planning application – it is your responsibility to check).



Application forms and validation checklists

Before submitting your application via the Planning Portal, please read the Planning Applications Advice page and complete the checklist below.

If you need to apply for two consent types, e.g. planning permission and listed building consent, combined forms are available that include the questions for both application types. If you use one of these combined forms, even though you only have to complete one form, it will be treated as two applications and you will be given two application numbers, one for each type of consent.

The guidance notes for completing a form are the same regardless of the form type.

On 23 May 2018 Merton's Cabinet resolved to adopt updated local validation requirements as set out in its Planning Application Validation Checklist. The checklist applies to all application types below, other than with respect of permitted development, non-material amendments, advertisement consents, telecommunications prior notification, tree works and listed buildings with separate checklists for those applications.

No.Prior Approval forms
A Office to Residential/ Class J, Part 3, Schedule 2 Prior Approval
B Householder/ Class A, Part 1, Schedule 2 Prior Approval
C Notification for Prior Approval for Change of use from Shops (Class A1) and Financial and Professional Services (Class A2), Betting Offices , Pay Day Loan Shops (Sui Generis Uses) to Assembly and Leisure Uses (Class D2)
D Notification for Prior Approval for Change of Use from Shops (Class A1) Financial and Professional Services (Class A2), Betting Offices, Pay Day Loan Shops and Casinos (Sue Generis) to Restaurants and Cafes (Class A3)
E Notification for Prior Approval for Change of use from Amusement Arcades/Centres and Casinos, (Sui Generis Uses) and any land within its curtilage to Dwellinghouses (Class C3)
F Notification for Prior Approval for a Change of Use from Storage or Distribution Buildings (Class B8) and any Land  within its curtilage to Dwellinghouses (Class C3)
G Notification for Prior Approval for Development Consisting of the Erection or Construction of a Collection Facility within the Curtilage of a Shop
H Notification for Prior Approval for Installation or Replacement of Other Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Equipment on the roofs of Non-Domestic Buildings, up to a Capacity of 1 Megawatt, Subject to Certain Limits
I Notification for Prior Approval for the Temporary Use of Buildings or Land for the Purposes of Commercial Film-Making and Associated Temporary Structures, Works, Plant or Machinery Required in Connection with that Use
J Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Change of Use of a Building from Shops (Class A1), Financial and Professional Services (Class A2), a Betting Office, Pay Day Loan Shop, Launderette or a Mixed Use Combining Use as a Dwellinghouse with a Betting Office, Pay Day Loan Shop, Launderette, Shops (Class A1) or Financial and Professional Services (Class A2) to a use falling within Class C3 (Dwellinghouses), and for Associated Operational Development
No.Unilateral Undertaking templatesUU templates - Word versions for easy editing
26Currently under revisionCurrently under revision

S.106 Unilateral Undertaking templates are currently under revision and will be uploaded to this page in due course.  Please see the following guidance on Unilateral Undertakings for contacts for obtaining templates, and Merton's legal fees for preparing, checking and approving S106 agreements and undertakings, and other relevant agreements:  S106/Unilateral Undertaking Templates Guidance.  For more information see Section106 Agreements.


Design and Access Statements

Most applications will need to be accompanied by a Design and Access Statement, which explains how the proposed development is a suitable response to the site and its setting, and demonstrate that it can be adequately accessed by prospective users. Design and Access Statements are not needed for householder applications outside a conservation area.

For more information see What is a Design and Access Statement? (GOV.UK)


Incorrect fee refunds

The Planning Portal has a fee calculator, and given the information you provide it will calculate the correct statutory planning fee. We charge £35 to cover administration costs should you incorrectly pay the wrong fee. This will be deducted from the fee you paid and refunded by the Planning Portal.


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