Policies, guidance and forms for Merton staff and contractors. These documents have been published here so they can be accessed by staff and contractors who do not have access to our corporate intranet.



We have also produced a Model Health and Safety Policy for Schools



We have produced the Health and Safety Standards document to provide guidance to assist head teachers and building managers in areas of statutory compliance. The document will be updated regularly and you should check here frequently for the current version.






Display screen equipment (DSE) assessment

All DSE users must complete the user briefing below, then fill in the self-assessment form.

The Corporate Guidance on DSE and Portable Computers contains further guidance on the process, including how to identify DSE users.

Eye tests and glasses for DSE Users

If you are a Merton employee designated as a DSE User, and have completed the DSE Self-Assessment process above, you are eligible to claim for an eye test and up to £55 towards glasses.

You will need to ask your optician to fill out the request form. Once complete, submit the completed form along with the receipts for both the eye test and the glasses through iTrent expenses for approval by your line manager.

If you have any queries on how to claim, please contact Human Resources on 020 8545 4063 or 020 8545 3395.


Event safety





Below are the annual accident report figures for the 2017/18 year. Accident statistics will be published here on an annual basis however you can request more specific detailed statistics from Safety Services by emailing health.andsafety@merton.gov.uk or calling 020 8545 3384.


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