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Managing your event

We believe that properly managed community events are an important part of improving the quality of life for residents, promoting good mental health and reducing social isolation.

We continue to support applications for events that can be managed appropriately with due regard risk.

Event organisers need to be aware of the latest government guidance in relation to their event and ensure they have sufficient experience and capacity to ensure these are followed.

Event organisers will need to comply with the timescales below relating to events.

  • Small voluntary or community events will require a minimum of 6 weeks notice
  • Events with a capacity of more than 500, no less than 3 months
  • Events with a capacity of >5,000 no less than six months
  • Events with a capacity of >10,000 no less than nine months

General guidance for your event

Our parks are available for hire for outdoor events and we welcome the use of our parks, but you must first get our permission.

An "event" is:

  • a gathering of 30 or more persons, or
  • where event infrastructure (including tents or furniture) is brought to site, or
  • where organised activities are proposed (licensable or other) which may constitute an event (at the discretion of the Director of Public Spaces).

If you are unsure about whether your arrangements constitute an event, please email  events@merton.gov.uk and we will advise you.

For events in spaces not owned by Merton Council, you can get advice on safety and licensing by emailing the Regulatory Service Partnership at RSP@merton.gov.uk.

Application form

If you wish to hire a park or open space for your event, you will need to complete an application form:

Open air events application form

Before you apply, visit the site and consider the requirements of the event in terms of site layout and topography, access for vehicles and pedestrians, and facilities available. Please contact us if you have queries following your initial visit.

Check you know the correct name for the site you wish to hire. 

Fees and charges 2024-2025

  • Application Fee (Max £250) - 10% of hire fee or £25 (whichever greater)
  • Environmental Impact Fee - 10% of hire fee or £25 (whichever greater)
ServiceDetailsHire Fee (per day, excluding VAT)Deposit
Friends group eventsIf associated with raising income for park developmentFree-letN/A
Community events*Up to 499£170£500
Community events*500-999£339£500
Community events*1000-1999£979£750
Community events*2000-2999£1468£1000
Community events*3000-3999£1957£1500
Community events*4000-4999£2546£1500
Community events*5000-9999£4991£2000
Community events*Over 10000 peopleContact us for quoteContact us for quote
Community events Morden Park (Bandstand)*up to 200 people£170£500
Community events Morden Park (Bandstand)*201-500 people£282£500
Community events Morden Park (Bandstand)*Over 500 peopleBy negotiation£500
Commercial, Charity (with entry fee), promotional or private events Contact us for quote 

* Examples of community events include cultural festivals and celebrations, fetes, local charity walks, rides, fundraising stalls, non ticketed or free events.

Find out if you need a licence

Some events will require a licence for the provision of regulated entertainment, or the sale of alcohol. This is a legal requirement. To find out if your event requires a licence please follow the link below:

Alcohol and entertainment licenses

For further clarification, you can also contact our Licensing Department.

Safety Advisory Group

The Safety Advisory Group reviews and advises on safety for public events that take place in Merton.

Submit an event to the Safety Advisory Group

After you apply

Once your application has been received, your requirements will be assessed and a decision will be made as to whether your proposal is suitable for the site you've selected. If your event is approved, you may then be required to provide certain documentation relating to your event's activities.

For more information about your local parks and onsite facilities, please visit the parks and recreation grounds page. You can also book sports pitches and courts within our parks.

Guidance for event organisers

The following guidance will tell you everything to need to know about organising and managing a successful event:

Terms and conditions

All events are subject to our general terms and conditions of use.

Hiring a park - Terms and conditions (2018)