As part of our duty to manage asbestos, we periodically review all asbestos containing materials (ACM) in Merton’s community schools, voluntary aided schools, voluntary controlled schools and private finance initiative (PFI) schools. We are required by law to publish details of these reviews. These and the resulting management action plans can be viewed below.

Our Corporate Asbestos Policy can be found on the Health and safety for Merton staff and contractors page.

2018/2019 inspections

This table will be updated periodically.

SchoolsInspection DateSurvey Complete DateReport and action plan
Abbotsbury Primary School08/01/201915/01/2019Abbotsbury Primary Report
All Saints Primary School 11/02/201922/02/2019 All Saints Primary Report 2019
Bishop Gilpin Primary School11/02/201926/02/2019Bishop Gilpin Asbestos Report 2019
Bond Primary School
08/02/2019Bond Primary Report 2019
Cranmer Primary School11/02/201925/02/2019 Cranmer Asbestos Report 2019
Cricket Green Site 1- Cricket Green Special School 2- Chapel Orchard Day Centre 3- 6th form 4- caretaker House02/01/201910/01/2019Cricket Green Primary Asbestos Report 2019
Garfield Primary School19/02/201826/04/2018 Garfield Report
Gorringe Park Primary School21/02/201901/03/2019Gorringe Park Primary Asbestos Report 2019
Haslemere Primary School10/02/201925/02/2019 Haslemere Primary School Asbestos Report 2019
Hatfeild Primary School21/02/201925/02/2019Hatfeild Primary School Asbestos Report 2019
Hillcross Primary School08/01/201908/02/2019
Hillcross Primary School Asbestos Report 2019 
Hollymount Primary School25/02/201918/03/2019Hollymount Primary School Asbestos Report 2019
Holy Trinity Primary School11/07/201725/07/2017 Holy Trinity Primary School Report
Joseph Hood Primary School14/01/201906/02/2019Joseph Hood Primary School Asbestos Report 2019
Liberty Primary School20/12/201804/01/2019Liberty Primary School Asbestos Report 2019
Links Primary School12/02/201925/02/2019Links Primary Asbestos Report 2019
Lonesome Primary School20/12/201803/01/2019Lonesome Primary Asbestos Report 2019
Malmesbury Primary School18/02/201925/02/2019 Malmesbury Primary Asbestos Report 2019
Melrose Special School25/02/201907/03/2019Melrose Special School Asbestos Report 2019
Merton Abbey Primary School13/02/201922/02/2019Merton Abbey Primary Asbestos Report 2019
Morden Primary School13/02/201925/02/2019Morden Primary School Asbestos Report 2019
Pelham Primary School20/12/201803/01/2019 Pelham Primary School Asbestos Report 2019
Perseid (lower) Special School02/01/2019
Perseid (lower) Special School Asbestos Report 2019
Perseid Upper School No AsbestosNo Asbestos 
Poplar Primary School10/02/201925/02/2019Poplar Primary Asbestos Report 2019
Raynes Park High School23/10/201907/11/2019 Raynes Park High Report 2019
Ricards Lodge High School21/10/201923/10/2019 Ricards Lodge High Report 2019
Rutlish School19/10/2019 and 04/11/201905/12/2019Rutlish High Report 2019
Sacred Heart Primary School25/04/201826/04/2018 Sacred Heart Primary Report 2018
Singlegate Primary School20/12/201803/01/2019Singlegate Primary Asbestos Report 2019
St. John Fisher Primary School
St John Fisher Primary Asbestos Report 2019
St. Mark's Primary School11/02/201901/03/2019St Mark’s Primary Asbestos Report 2019.pdf
St. Mary's Primary School02/01/201904/01/2019St Marys Primary Asbestos Report 2019.pdf
St. Matthew's Primary School16/01/201907/02/2019St Matthew’s CE Report
St. Peter & Paul Primary School10/01/201931/01/2019
St Peter Paul Report
St. Teresa's Primary School15/01/201904/02/2019St Teresa RC Report
St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary School08/01/201915/01/2019St Thomas of Canterbury Report
The Priory Primary School08/01/201915/01/2019The Priory Report.pdf
The Sherwood Primary School13/02/201925/02/2019The Sherwood Report
The Sherwood Primary School (The Ark)23/01/201831/01/2018The Sherwood Ark Report
The SMART Centre11/02/201925/02/2019 The Smart Centre Report
West Wimbledon Primary School02/01/201904/01/2019  West Wimbledon Report      
William Morris Primary School12/02/201922/02/2019William Morris Report
Wimbledon Chase Primary25/04/201826/04/2018 Wimbledon Chase Report
Wimbledon College16/02/201822/04/2018Wimbledon College Asbestos Report 2019        
Wimbledon Park Primary School06/07/201831/07/2018Wimbledon Park Primary Asbestos Report 2019