This consultation took place between 15 July and 30 August 2013 and is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.

This final plan has been influenced by the feedback received during the previous consultation stages, local research, national policy and the research, policies and projects from the Mayor of London.

The Sites and Policies Plan (reference SP4.1, stage 4, pre-submission) is a very large document so it has been split into sections to make it easier to download.

The plans were updated to illustrate the changes between the final plans and those published for  Stage 3 Draft final plan consultation (January 2013) using red text and strikethroughs.

You can also view the same maps as illustrated for the whole borough: Please be aware that the maps below are exactly the same as those contained in the "Stage 4 pre-submission publication" documents above. The maps below illustrate the whole borough, whereas the maps above are divided into different areas.

Stage 4: Policies Map 2013 of the whole borough incorporating all land designations that can be amended.

This map does not include flood risk areas, conservation area boundaries, archaeological priority zones, historic parks and gardens or scheduled ancient monuments; these are included in the map below. These land designations are either unchanged or subject to change by a different organisation.

Stage 4: map of flood risk areas, conservation areas, archaeological priority zones, scheduled ancient monuments. These areas are generally unchanged from the previous plans or are amended by a different organisation (for example the Environment Agency reviews and amends boundaries for areas of flood risk)

Stage 4: detailed policies maps of town centres at Colliers Wood, Mitcham, Morden and Wimbledon

Stage 4: map of the whole borough illustrating differences between the Proposals Map 2003 and the Policies Map 2013 for Metropolitan Open Land and Green Corridor

Stage 4: map of the whole borough illustrating the differences between the Proposals Map 2003 and the Policies Map 2013 for:

  • town centre boundaries
  • Core and secondary shopping frontages within town centres
  • neighbourhood parades
  • open space boundaries
  • Sites of Importance for Nature conservation

Sustainability appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment of the Sites and Policies Plan, pre-submission

Responses to this consultation can be read below.

Wherever possible, we have removed identifying details for individuals responding to the consultation (for example, personal addresses, email addresses and signatures).

Many people are interested in responses that refer to the Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium and Wimbledon Library; these responses are indicated below.

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