Preferred options consultation: January-March 2012 (extended to May 2012)

This consultation has now closed. The consultation was extended from 23 March and responses were accepted into May 2012

The responses received to the Stage 2 consultation (between January and May 2012) can be read at the bottom of this page

Responses to Stage 2a (June-July 2012)

Consultation documents

Between January and May 2012 people and organisations told us what they thought of the Sites and Policies DPD preferred options. As the draft Proposals Map is quite a large file, it has been broken up into separate sections to make it easier to download:

Draft detailed planning policies - Part 1 of the Sites and Policies DPD

Potential sites for development - Part 2 of the Sites and Policies DPD

There is also the option of viewing the potential development sites and draft Proposals Map by area.

Please note that the page numbering and references of the sections below are the same as in the original document:

The draft Sites and Policies DPD has also been appraised for sustainability.

Sustainability appraisal of Merton's draft Sites and Policies DPD

Consultation responses

Responses to this consultation can be read below.

This consultation was publicised as "Planning ahead - shaping development in your neighbourhood" and also included the option of commenting on Merton's preliminary draft Community Infrastructure Levy and Merton's Borough Character Study phase 1. Therefore some comments also contain reference to these documents.

Wherever possible, we have removed identifying details for individuals responding to the consultation (for example, personal addresses, signatures).

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