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Potholes, street repairs and maintenance

We aim to maintain all footpaths and roads in a safe and attractive condition.

Once you report a road, footpath or street furniture defect, we will visit the site to make an inspection. If the defect meets our criteria for repair, we will request the repairs to be carried out by our contractor. This can take 28 days after the initial inspection.

If the defect does not meet our criteria for repair at this time, it will be monitored as part of our inspection schedule for any deterioration.

Problems on Red Routes (roads with painted double red lines) should be reported to Transport for London.

Bus shelters in Merton are managed and maintained by JC Decaux. All reports of damaged shelters need to be reported to

Highway Vibration

National statistics show that, on the whole, a reasonable proportion of UK residents consider themselves to be affected by traffic noise and/or vibration to some degree, however such traffic would not ordinarily be expected to have a detrimental effect on the structural integrity of nearby properties.

 Damage to properties is unlikely to occur as a result of these vibrations. Research undertaken by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) into the effects of ground-borne vibrations caused by road humps, found that buildings would need to be located at least 1m from a road hump to avoid vibration exposure causing minor damage and at least 4m to avoid superficial cracks from sustained exposure. The Council's duty as the Highway Authority, under Section 41 of The Highways Act 1980, is to maintain the highway so that it is free from danger to all users. The Council however has no duty to investigate traffic-induced noise and building vibration albeit generated by road users.

 Many structural problems are not related to the public highway but instead caused by other factors. In such cases, the Council's advice is for homeowners or their insurers to consider commissioning a structural survey of their property.

 If your able to provide supporting engineering evidence that vibrations you are experiencing are a contributing factor due to the condition of the highway, please contact Merton councils Risk and Insurance Team.

Report a problem

Report a damaged pavement

Report a faulty manhole cover

Report damage to street f​urniture​

Report a litter, fly-tipping or street cleaning problem

Report drain or sewer problems

Report another problem with a road or pavement

Funding from central government

When we apply for funding from central government for highway maintenance we have to publish the application form on our website.