Problems on Red Routes (roads with painted double red lines) should be reported to Transport for London.

Bus shelters in Merton are managed and maintained by JC Decaux, and damaged shelters should be reported to

Report a damaged pavement

Report a faulty manhole cover

Report damage to street furniture​

Report a litter, fly-tipping or street cleaning problem

Report drain or sewer problems

Report road vibration problems

Report another problem with a road or pavement

What happens next

After you report a road, footpath or street furniture defect, we will visit the site to make an inspection. We will arrange for our contractor to repair the defect if it meets our criteria for repair. This can take 28 days after the inspection. Otherwise, it will be monitored for deterioration as part of our inspection schedule.

Funding from central government

When we apply for funding from central government for highway maintenance we have to publish details on our website.