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Verge maintenance and grass cutting

We aim to keep roadside grass verges, shrubs and trees in a safe and attractive condition.


Service standards

We will:

  • cut grass verges often enough (depending on the weather) to keep them neat and tidy, unless the area is planted with bulbs;
  • prune and maintain all shrub beds planted along roads and on roundabouts we are responsible for looking after; and
  • prevent cars damaging roadside verges and trees by using defences such as wooden posts.

We aim to:

  • complete all emergency safety repairs within 24 hours of being notified of them;
  • give at least two weeks notice of all major maintenance works we have planned, and
  • answer your formal complaints within 15 working days of receiving them.

It will help us if you:

  • don’t park your vehicle on grass verges;
  • tell us about any roadside areas where the grass, shrubs or trees are in a poor condition; and
  • carry out any requests we put up on signs about cutting work.