We prune trees that we are responsible for, such as park trees and street trees, under the following circumstances:

  • where there is a risk to people or property
  • where branches are within one metre of an inhabited home
  • to provide a clearance of 2.3 metres over pavements and 5.2 metres over roads
  • for the good health and management of our trees.

When we do not prune

We have no duty to prune in relation to:

  • shading
  • leaf fall
  • bird droppings
  • other seasonal nuisance
  • overhanging branches that pose no risk to people or property.

Trees overhanging your property

You have the right to prune overhanging tree branches back to the boundary line of your property, even if you don't own the tree. However, you will have some responsibilities if you do this: see Trees and the Law (RHS website) for more details.

Report a problem

Report a problem with a street tree

Report a problem with a park tree