We prune trees managed by us, such as park trees and street trees, under the following circumstances:

  • Where a hazard exists that may lead to harm or damage to third parties (duty of care)
  • Where branches are within 1 metre of the profile of a dwelling, but not uninhabited buildings
  • To provide statutory clearances over footways (2.3 metres) and over the Highway (5.2 metres)
  • For the good health and management of our tree assets.

When we do not prune:

We have no duty to prune in relation to:

  • Shading
  • Leaf fall
  • Bird droppings
  • Other seasonal nuisance
  • Overhanging branches (see below)

Neighbouring properties:

  • Residents have the common law right to prune overhanging vegetation back to the boundary line of their property, irrespective of the ownership of the vegetation in question or of standards of good arboriculture.

Street trees

Report a problem with street trees.