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It is illegal to drive over a pavement without a dropped kerb.

Only the council can build dropped kerbs. We build them at the request of residents or businesses, if certain criteria are met.

Vehicles must not park in a way that blocks the flat section of a dropped kerb: see Dropped Kerb Enforcement.

Apply for a dropped kerb​

There is a charge for this service, part of which must be paid as a non-refundable fee on application. You may also need to get planning permission.

Please read the information pack carefully before you apply.

Vehicle Crossover Information Pack

The information pack contains:

  • criteria
  • appeals
  • paving your front garden
  • terms and conditions
  • costs and charges
  • planning permission

Apply for a dropped kerb

If approved we will send you a final estimate within 6 weeks of your application, and at that time you can choose whether or not to proceed.

Report an illegal crossover

Unauthorised vehicle crossovers can cause damage to the pavement and present a danger to pedestrians. This includes driveways without a dropped kerb, and dropped kerbs that were not built by us.

Report an illegal crossover

Apply for a road marking

We can paint a white bar on the road across the front of the crossover to draw attention to it. It is illegal to park across a dropped kerb without the owner's permission, whether or not there is a white line.

When you apply for a dropped kerb we will ask you if you want a road marking. If you already have a dropped kerb we can add a new road marking or repaint an old one.

Apply for a road marking

We charge £80 to paint a new marking, and £40 to repaint a marking.