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Obstructions on roads and pavements

It is illegal to obstruct roads, pavements and footpaths. We can take legal action against people who cause them.

Report it

Report rubbish, leaves or fly-tipping

Report a tree obstruction

Report a vehicle blocking your dropped kerb

Report another obstruction

Obstructions can include:

  • skips
  • scaffolding
  • hoardings
  • builders' materials
  • temporary works including traffic lights
  • mud or debris
  • unauthorised traders
  • encroachment of road boundaries
  • discharge of water onto the highway
  • illegal signs
  • electrical cables
  • trees, hedges or plants.

If a tree, hedge or plant is obstructing the highway we will contact the householder to ask them to cut it back within 14 days. If it isn't cut back within this time, we will arrange for our contractor to do the work at the householder's expense.