We use uniformed civil enforcement officers (CEOs) and mobile closed-circuit television (CCTV) vehicles to enforce the Highway Code. 


Our parking and moving traffic enforcement policies and protocols may be found in the documents below.

The parking enforcement policy includes parking legislation, how a penalty charge notice is served, what exemptions there are and the conditions of holding a blue badge.

The CCTV enforcement policy includes details of moving traffic offences and how we use static and mobile CCTV units.

Certification of CCTV cameras

Mobile CCTV vehicles used for the enforcement of static parking offences are required to be certified as an "Approved Device" by the Vehicle Certification Agency of the Department for Transport, and all of our vehicles have received this certification. There is no requirement for certification for the enforcement of moving traffic or bus lane offences.

For more information about certification of cameras please see Camera Certification.

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