This page explains the legislation that allows us to use CCTV cameras to enforce traffic and parking contraventions, and how they are approved, where required.

Parking contraventions

Although most PCNs issued for parking contraventions are issued by on-street enforcement officers we do also use mobile CCTV vehicles to enforce at some locations. For more information about our CCTV enforcement policy please see parking and moving traffic enforcement.

Under article 2 of The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (Approved Devices) (England) Order 2007, cameras used to enforce parking contraventions must be approved by the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport. This means that the camera must meet certain standards in order for us to be able to use it to enforce those contraventions. Our 2 enforcement vehicles (which are also used to enforce moving traffic contraventions) use identical equipment to capture these contraventions and you can download or view a copy of the VCA certificate confirming that this camera system has been approved.

VCA approved device certificate

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Moving traffic contraventions

No certification or approval is required for a camera used to enforce moving traffic contraventions and the relevant legislation (the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003) does not mention any technical specifications for cameras.

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The London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003 ( website)

Bus lane contraventions

There is no legal requirement for cameras used to enforce bus lane contraventions in London to be certified or approved by the VCA or any other body.

Bus lane Penalty Charge Notices are issued under the London Local Authorities Act 1996, which states that the contravention can be enforced using a 'prescribed device' and that 'prescribed device' means a device prescribed under section 20(9) of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988.

Section 20(9) of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 states: "In this section "prescribed device" means device of a description specified in an order made by the Secretary of State"

The 'order made by the Secretary of State' is the Road Traffic Offenders (Additional Offences and Prescribed Devices) Order 1997. Article 3 of that Order states:

"The following device is prescribed for the purposes of section 20 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 —"

"a camera designed or adapted to record the presence of a vehicle on an area of road which is a bus lane or a route for use by buses only."

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