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Controlled parking zone regulations

Most controlled parking zones (CPZs) have a range of parking options such as resident bays, pay and display bays, part shared use bays and shared use bays. Signs along each bay identify which vehicles can park there.

See our CPZ maps to find out the hours of operation for specific parking zones. You must verify these times by checking the kerbside notices when parking.


Signs and road markings

Entry and exit signs marked with the hours of operation show when you are entering a controlled parking zone. 

Outside of the parking bays which are marked by white lines, there are yellow line restrictions.

Parking restrictions apply until you pass the "Zone Ends" sign, however yellow and red line restrictions will still apply outside the zone. 

Parking zones are sometimes right next to each other, so do look out for further zone entry signs and bay signs.


Yellow lines and red routes

Permits, "pay by phone" and pay and display tickets are not valid on yellow lines or red routes in CPZs.

Within a CPZ the same operational hours apply to single yellow lines as for parking bays unless signs indicate otherwise.
Double yellow line and red route restrictions operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including bank holidays.


Private roads

CPZ restrictions do not apply on private roads. If you are not sure whether or not you live on a private road you can check with our Traffic and Highways team on 020 8545 3700.


Suspending a parking bay or single yellow line

In some circumstances, you can, for a period of time, suspend restrictions on a parking bay or a length of road with a single yellow line. See Suspending parking bays and yellow lines.


Parking permits

Find out about the different types of parking permits and their costs.


Monitoring CPZs

We patrol CPZs to check for parking offences such as:

  • parking without the right permit
  • 'meter feeding' (motorists returning to put more money into the Pay and Display machine)
  • not meeting yellow line and loading waiting restriction times

If a vehicle is parked incorrectly we may issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).


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