Footway (pavement) parking is only allowed in certain locations, and only if a minimum gap of one metre has been left on the pavement for wheelchair users and pedestrians to pass the vehicle.

Our civil enforcement officers may issue you with a penalty charge notice (PCN) if you park on the pavement where it is not allowed, or if you leave less than a one-metre gap on the footway. Overhanging bushes and dustbins are ignored when measuring the gap.

You will also receive a PCN if we find your vehicle parked wholly or partially on any grass verge.

If there is a single or double yellow line then those restrictions take priority over the footway parking policy.


Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) are not covered by the footway parking policy. You cannot park on pavements in CPZ zones otherwise you may get a penalty charge notice (PCN).

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To report a vehicle that does not meet the rules for pavement parking call 020 8545 4661, option 3.