The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a levy on development that councils across the country, including Merton and the Mayor of London, are implementing. It helps to pay for local infrastructure including schools, paths, parks, open spaces and healthcare facilities.

Beware of fake invoices

All genuine invoices from us for Community Infrastructure Levy payments will request payment into our bank account number 05390656, sort code 30-00-00. If you receive an invoice claiming to be from us but requesting payment into another account, please don't pay it. If you think you may have received a fake invoice, please phone us on 020 8545 3837 or 020 8545 3466.

Guide to CIL in Merton

CIL in Merton 2014

This guide includes information for those who may be liable to pay CIL - including developments that may be liable to Merton CIL and those that may be liable to Mayor of London CIL both of which are payable to the Council - and some initial information regarding how CIL may be spent.

The guide includes links to the government guidance on CIL and to the Planning Portal CIL page from where the forms that need to be submitted to us by applicants for potentially chargeable developments can be downloaded.

Charging schedule

Merton's CIL Charging Schedule

Annual CIL rate summary

For planning permissions granted from 2020 onwards the rates of Merton CIL (adjusted for inflation) you will be liable to pay will be published in the following list:

For Mayoral CIL rates please navigate to Mayor of London's Community Infrastructure Levy page.

Annual reports

Merton's annual Infrastructure Funding Statements, a requirement for financial years 2019-20 onwards, will be published in the following list:

The  2018-19 Merton CIL annual report can be viewed here.

Financial reports on Merton CIL from earlier years are included in Merton's Annual Monitoring Reports

Coronavirus instalments and deferrals

In response to the Government's guidance and regulations on CIL and Coronavirus, we introduced temporary deferral and instalment arrangements with respect to CIL payments.  For most developments these arrangements will no longer be available. Please refer to the policy below for more information.

Merton Coronavirus Instalment Policy Amendment (temporary) and Deferral Policy

Any deferral request must be made using the deferral form:

Coronavirus Formal Deferral Request Declaration Form

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For more information regarding CIL in general please see the following: