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You may be able to apply for a school safety zone permit to allow you to use the street during these times.


Vehicles must not enter an affected street during the restricted periods, unless they are exempt. Vehicles can leave these areas at any time.

During the restricted periods, we will carry out enforcement using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras.

The following vehicles are exempt:

  • vehicles with a valid school safety zone permit
  • emergency service vehicles
  • Royal Mail delivery vehicles
  • Dial-a-Ride vehicles
  • community ambulances
  • Mascot Telecare vehicles

List of streets, maps and restriction times

Restrictions don't apply during school holidays, inset days, weekends or bank holidays. See each school's website for details of its term dates and inset days.

School name and map

Restricted roads

Restricted periods

All Saints' C of E Primary School

  • Hanover Rd
  • Deburgh Rd (between Norman Rd and Hanover Rd)

8–9.15am and 2.45–4pm, Mon–Fri

Aragon Primary School

  • Aragon Rd (between Kingsbridge Rd and Cleveland Rise)
  • Aragon Place

8–9.15am and 2.45–4pm Mon–Fri

Beecholme Primary School

  • Beecholme Ave

8.15–9.15am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Benedict Academy

  • Benedict Road

8–9.15am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Bishop Gilpin C of E Primary School

  • Lake Rd (between Leopold Rd and Church Hill)
  • Ricards Rd
  • Leopold Ave
  • Helme Close

8–9am and 2.45–4pm, Mon–Fri

Oak Tree Primary School (formerly known as Date Valley)

  • Cricket Green (cul-de-sac section)

8–9.15am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Garfield Primary School

  • Garfield Rd (between Tennyson Rd and Milton Rd)
  • Dryden Rd

8.15–9.15am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Gorringe Park Primary School

  • Sandy Lane (between Fernlea Rd and Streatham Rd)
  • Harbour Close
  • Tide Close
  • Summerhill Way
  • Spring Grove

8–9am and 3–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Harris Primary Academy Merton

  • Ivy Gardens

8–9.30am and 2.30–4pm, Mon–Fri

Hillcross Primary School

  • Ashridge Way (between Leamington Ave and Hillcross Ave)
  • Woodland Way
  • Monkleigh Rd (between Hillcross ave and Northernhay Walk)
  • Shaldon Drive (between Monkleigh Rd and Northernhay Walk)

8–9.15am and 2.30–3.30pm, Mon–Fri

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

  • Effra Rd (between Evelyn Rd and Trinity Rd)
  • Faraday Rd (between Evelyn Rd and Trinity Rd)

8–9.15am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Hollymount School

  • Cambridge Rd, SW20 (between Pepys Rd and Lambton Rd)

8.15–9.15am and 2.45–4pm, Mon–Fri

Links Primary School

  • Frinton Road and Gunton Road

8–9.30am and 2.45–4pm, Mon–Fri

Malmesbury Primary School

  • Malmesbury Rd
  • Newminster Rd
  • Neath Gardens

8.15–9am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Merton Park Primary School

  • Erridge Rd (from its junction with Poplar Rd to its junction with Stratton Close)
  • Stratton Close
  • Stratton Road
  • Keswick Ave
  • Church Lane (cul-de-sac)

8.30–9.15am and 3–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Pelham Primary School

  • Southey Rd SW19 (between Pelham Rd and Kingston Rd)

8.15–9.15am and 2.45–4pm, Mon–Fri

Poplar Primary School

  • Poplar Rd South (between Cranleigh Rd and Crown Lane)

8–9.15am and 2.30–4pm, Mon–Fri

Ricards Lodge High School

  • Lake Rd (between Leopold Rd and Church Hill)
  • Ricards Rd
  • Leopold Ave
  • Helme Close

8–9am and 2.45–4pm, Mon–Fri

Rutlish School

  • Watery Lane
  • Manor Gardens

8–8.45am and 2.30–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

St Mark's Primary School

  • St Marks road (between St Mark’s Rd and Armfield Crescent)
  • Chalkley Close

8–9.15am and 2.45–3.30pm, Mon–Fri

St Mary's RC Primary School

  • Russell Rd SW19 (between Pelham Rd and car park entrance)

8–9.15am and 2.45–4pm, Mon–Fri

St Matthew's C of E School

  • Cottenham Park Rd SW20 (between Burdett Ave and cul-de-sac)

8.15–9.15am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

St Teresa's RC Primary School

  • Montacute Rd (between Middleton Rd and Lillishall Rd)

8–9.15am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School

  • Commonside East (access / spur road)

8–9.30am and 2.30–3.30pm, Mon–Fri

Singlegate Primary School

  • North Gardens
  • South Gardens
  • Valley Gardens (between South Gardens and No 5 Valley Gdns)

8–9.15am and 2.30–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Stanford Primary School

  • Chilmark Rd SW16
  • Hassocks Rd
  • Oxtoby Way
  • Byards Croft

8–9.15am and 2.30–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

The Sherwood School

  • Abbots Rd (between Sherwood Park Rd and Commonside East)
  • Castleton Rd
  • Hadley Rd

8.15–9.15am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Ursuline High School

  • Crescent Road
  • Southdown Drive

8–9am and 2.45–3.30pm, Mon–Thu

William Morris School

  • Recreation Way, Mitcham (between the roundabout and Huntington Close)

8–9.15am and 2.30–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Wimbledon Park Primary School

  • Havana Rd SW19
  • Wellington Rd
  • Lucien Road (between Gordondale Road and the cul-de-sac)

8.15–9.15am and 2.45–3.45pm, Mon–Fri

Penalty charge notices and appeals

If your vehicle enters a school street at a restricted time and you don’t have a school safety zone permit, you may receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).

We recommend that you apply for a school safety zone permit if you are eligible, to avoid receiving unnecessary PCNs.

If you appeal the PCN, we will normally cancel it if you provide evidence that you are:

  • a resident who has to enter the school safety zone to access their home,
  • a parent or carer of a child at the school, and either you or the child are a Blue Badge holder,
  • a paid carer attending a pre-arranged appointment with a vulnerable resident in the street,
  • a licensed taxi or minicab driver picking up or dropping off a passenger on the street,
  • providing transport to a medical appointment, or
  • providing emergency support to a vulnerable resident.

Traffic Management Orders