If you qualify for adult social care support, you can choose to receive your personal budget as a direct payment instead of receiving the services directly through us. 

Direct payments give you more choice, control and flexibility because you can make your own decisions about how your care and support is delivered. You can buy the help and support identified in your support plan. But it does come with more responsibility. 

Most people use their direct payments to pay for a personal assistant (PA) either by employing them directly or through an agency. 

A direct payment does not affect social security benefits and cannot be classed as taxable income. 

You can only use the money to meet your assessed needs. 

Our Direct Payments team will help and support you throughout this process. 


To qualify for direct payments you must have a needs assessment and a financial assessment

You can receive direct payments if we decide after your needs assessment that you would be able to manage the payments or there is someone who could do so on your behalf. 

Contact us 

If you need any help our Direct Payments Team will be on hand to assist you.  
Email: Directpaymentsduty@merton.gov.uk 
Telephone: 020 8545 3415