The amount we will pay towards your direct payment will be based on the outcome of your adult social care assessment or carer’s assessment. 

Direct payment rates

We use these rates to calculate the direct payments we give you to spend on your care and support.  

If your chosen agency or personal assistant charges more than this rate, you will be responsible for paying the difference. This is called a top-up. 

The rates specified below are a guide. They are subject to change. 

Agency rates 

From 21 August 2023 

Rate Payment amount 
Hourly rate £19.55 per hour  
45 min. rate  £15.72 per 45 minutes  
Half hour rate  £11.90 per 30 minutes 
Sleep-in care hourly rate  £15.39 per hour  
Sleep-in care 45 min. rate  £11.55 per 45 minutes 
Sleep-in care half hour rate  £7.69 per half hour 
Live-in care weekly rate £1368.50 per week  
Day care rate £45.81 per day inclusive of transport  

Personal assistant (PA) rates (including self-employed PA)  

From 21 August 2023 

We pay you the payment amount shown below for you to employ a private PA who can be paid up to the PA rate shown. The remainder will cover all other costs associated with employing a PA including payroll, sick pay, holiday pay, pension and renewal of insurance. 

Rate Payment amount PA rate Remainder 
Hourly rate £19.55 per hour £14.80 per hour £4.75 per hour 
45 min. rate  £15.72 per 45 minutes £11.90 per 45 minutes £3.82 per hour 
Half hour rate  £11.90 per 30 minutes £9.01 per 30 minutes £2.89 per 30 minutes 
Sleep-in care hourly rate  £15.39   £13.08   £2.31  
Sleep-in care 45 min. rate   £11.55   £9.82   £1.73  
Sleep-in care half hour rate   £7.69  £6.54  £1.15 
Live-in care weekly rate £1368.50 per week  £1035.95  £332.55 
Live-in care day rate £195.50 per day  £147.99 £47.51 


Standard maximum rates that London Borough of Merton pays you for (if applicable)

First year employer’s liability insurance £99.00  
First payroll cost up to £12.50  
Merton Managed Account £231.80 per year  
DBS Check £56.00 for an enhanced check (includes £12 charge for processing the application) 

Please note that if you are employing a PA, it is your responsibility to ensure that you pay your employees at least the National Living Wage for those aged 23 and over or the National Minimum Wage for those aged 22 and under.  

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates (GOV.UK) 

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If you have any further questions please contact our Direct Payments Team. 
Telephone: 020 8545 341