Monitoring your account

We will be able to see your spending record online through your prepaid direct payment card account. If we need to see paperwork we will contact you.

What you need to do

Please keep all invoices and payslips in a safe place until we need them. 

You must keep all your paperwork for at least seven years, whether you do your own payroll or use a professional payroll company. It is your responsibility to keep these records.

You must not use your direct payment to:

  • pay for care or equipment not provided by us
  • participate in or promote illegal activities
  • pay for food, drink or heating
  • pay accommodation costs, such as rent or mortgage payments
  • pay for alcohol, tobacco products or gambling

You also cannot use your direct payment for anything not agreed in your support plan. If you decide to employ a personal assistant (PA) and so become an employer, you cannot employ anyone who lives with you except in exceptional circumstances and if agreed by us. However, you can employ a relative who does not live with you to be your PA. 

If the amount of support no longer meets your needs, it is important you inform your care manager so your circumstances can be properly reassessed. If you buy extra services without their knowledge, they will not be aware of your current needs.

How we monitor your account

We will regularly review your direct payment to offer support where necessary to ensure you are able to continue to manage your direct payment in line with the direct payment agreement.

Money may build up in the account if you have been in hospital or away from home. We need to recover the excess money so that we can continue to offer services to meet the needs of others.

We will regularly monitor your account and any surplus which exceeds the agreed amount will be recouped directly from the pre-paid card.

Contact us

If you have any further questions please contact our Direct Payments Team. 
Telephone: 020 8545 341