If you are a carer, you may be eligible for extra support from your local authority, which can help to make caring more manageable.

A Carer’s Assessment is not a test of how well you provide care; it is designed to support you in your caring role. Any carer who 'appears to have needs for support' can have a carer’s assessment, even if the person they care for does not receive support.

If the person you are looking after agrees, you could have a joint assessment. This will mean both of your support needs will be assessed at the same time.

How do I get a carer's assessment?

If we have not offered you an assessment, you can contact the Adult Social Care department to request one. You can also request an assessment through Carers Support Merton or, if you are a carer for someone with a learning disability, Merton Mencap.

Adult Social Care First Response: 020 8545 4388
Carers Support Merton: 020 8646 7515
Merton Mencap: 020 3963 0599

What will happen during my carer's assessment?

During the assessment, you will be asked about:

  • The type of care you provide;
  • How caring affects your everyday life;
  • Your own health and wellbeing;
  • Your feelings about caring;

If you think the person you care for would benefit from an Adult Needs Assessment, which will determine whether they have eligible needs for support, please telephone the Adult Social Care First Response team.

What happens after the assessment?

If you are eligible for support, you will be offered a range of support options this may include:

  • Information and advice, which can help you in your caring role;
  • Services that give you a break from caring, such as respite;
  • A Carers Discretionary Payment – this is a one off payment to support you in your caring role;
  • Benefits advice;
  • Refer to other support services and groups, which may be able to provide additional support. 

If you do not have eligible needs, you will still be offered information and advice to help you with your caring role.