1. Service description

The London Borough of Merton (the council) operates a chargeable collection service, for garden waste, for households across the borough. Residents can hire from the council for an annual fee, a brown 240L wheeled bin (1063mm height, 720mm width and 560mm depth) or purchase packs of 25 single-use compostable paper sacks. (Sacks are available if your property is unsuitable for a wheeled bin). The council reserves the right to amend the acceptance criteria at any time. The service runs for 12 months of the year, Monday to Friday, except for two collection weeks over Christmas and New Year. There is an annual non-refundable charge to the resident which is published on our website. Service rates will be reviewed annually. Residents joining the scheme will be delivered a 240L wheeled bin or pack of 25 paper sacks. The annual charge covers the loan of a wheeled bin/provision of sacks and the cost of emptying throughout the year. Once garden waste has been collected from the household it is the property of the council. It is then sent to a composting facility where it is turned into a soil improver. Residents can order more than one bin per property, up to 3 bins (each bin charged at the normal service rate). The bin should stay at the premises stated on the application to the scheme unless removed by the council. The bin remains the property of the council at all times. The council reserves the right to enter into or upon the premises to remove the bin in the event of withdrawal of the service or contamination of the material. Any attempt to deliberately deprive the council of its property will be viewed as an attempt to defraud the council of the payments to which it was entitled.

2. Collection days

Garden waste will be collected fortnightly on your allocated day (although this may change due to Public Holidays or exceptional circumstances). You will be informed of your collection days when you join the scheme. For existing customers who renew their subscription before the end of their subscription year, their collections will continue without a break in service. The council reserves the right to alter collections if required, provided adequate notice is given to all householders using the service. A copy of the collection calendar is on the collection days and times page. If your bin is not collected on your collection day, please report it on the Garden Waste page within 48 hours.

3. Presenting waste

Only wheeled bins or sacks supplied by the council must be used for this service. Garden waste in any other receptacle will not be collected. All garden waste bins/sacks must be presented at the front edge of your property close to the public pavement by 6am on the day of collection. The bin/sacks should be clearly visible and easily reached by our collection crews and the bin presented with handle facing towards the road.

4. Heavy bins/sacks

Bins/sacks that are overflowing or overweight (i.e. difficult for one person to easily move) will not be emptied. The bin lid must be closed for safety reasons. No side waste will be collected, i.e. no extra waste next to the bin or balanced on the lid, or next to the sack.

5. Assisted collections

An assisted collection service is available for those residents who are unable to physically place the wheeled bin/sacks at their curtilage.

6. Moving house or cancellation of service

If you move to a property outside the Borough you must inform us in writing and present the bin for removal. Your annual charge is not refundable. If you move within the borough you may transfer the service to a new address. We must first be informed of the change of address. You can then continue the scheme at your new address if you take your bin/sacks with you.

7. Applicable properties

The scheme applies to domestic houses only. Commercial properties/activities are excluded from the scheme.

8. Acceptable material

All garden waste material must be placed loose in the wheeled bin or paper sacks. No plastic sacks of any kind may be placed in the containers. We only accept garden waste (i.e. plant material, hedge prunings, grass cuttings, weeds). No soil, rubble, grit, plastic sacks or plant pots. For full details see What Goes in Your Garden Waste Bin

9. Contamination

Contaminated bins/sacks (i.e. containing the incorrect material/s) will not be emptied/collected. If the bin/sack is contaminated it is the responsibility of the householder to remove the item/s of contamination prior to the next scheduled collection. If the contamination still continues we will contact you with advice.

10. Replacement bins

Charges for repair/replacements to damaged or missing bins may be made to the resident.

11. Bin misuse

The council accepts no liability for bins/sacks used for any other purpose other than for the collection of garden waste. Residents use the bins/sacks at their own risk. Misused bins may be removed by the council.

12. Payment

Payment is required in advance of the first collection. Accepted methods of payment are debit/credit card via the website or the waste helpline telephone 020 8274 4902 .

You may leave the service at any time by notifying the council in writing: Waste Operations, 63–69 Amenity Way, Morden, Surrey SM4 4AX or email MertonLink@merton.gov.uk. We will then collect your bin, but there are no refunds for leaving part way through the year. We will contact all residents using the service near the end of the 12 month period about reapplying for the next year of service.