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Estates Local Plan

Proposals for Eastfields, High Path and Ravensbury estates

Merton’s Estates Local Plan contains detailed planning policies, prepared by the council to guide what could be built and assess any planning applications for three estates in Merton, namely Eastfields (Mitcham), High Path (South Wimbledon) and Ravensbury (Mitcham/Morden).

Clarion Housing Group (formerly Circle Housing Merton Priory) want to invest millions of pounds in homes designed for the 21st century on the Eastfields, High Path and Ravensbury estates. For information on Circle Housing Merton Priory's proposed plans for regeneration of these estates see

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to all stages of the Estates Local Plan. This final plan has been influenced by the feedback received during the previous consultation stages, local research, national policy and the research policies and projects from the Mayor of London.

Notice of Adoption of Merton’s Estate Local Plan

Merton’s Estate Local Plan was adopted by the Council on 7 February 2018.

Adoption statement for Merton’s Estates Local Plan and Sustainability Appraisal

Merton’s Estates Local Plan was considered and recommended for adoption at the following meetings: Borough Plan Advisory Committee (11 January 2018); Cabinet (15 January 2018); Council (7 February 2018). The Plan can be accessed at the following link:

Merton’s Estates Local Plan – Adoption February 2018

Merton’s Sustainability Appraisal Post-Adoption Statement February 2018

The Estates Local Plan and Map will be used to determine planning applications for the regeneration of the three estates.

Public Hearings for Examination 4 - 6 July 2017

The public hearings for the examination took place between 4 - 6 July 2017 in Merton Civic Centre. More information on the examination of the Estates Local Plan is available via the link below:

Estates Local Plan examination (including hearings from 10am on Tuesday 4th July 2017)

Following the close of the Hearing sessions on 6th July 2017 and in the light of the council’s formal request to the Inspector to recommend Main Modifications (MMs) to address matters of soundness, the Inspector has now providing an outline of the required MMs. More information is available in the Inspector’s note which is available via the following link to the Estates Local Plan examination above.

Stage 4: Submission 31st March 2017

The council submitted the Estates Local Plan to the Secretary of State on 31 March 2017, who appointed Nicholas Taylor BA (Hons) MRTPI to conduct an independent examination

Link to Estates Local Plan submission (31 March 2017)

Stage 3: Pre- Submission publication 8th December 2016 - 3rd February 2017

The pre-submission stage of the Estates Local Plan took place between 08 December 2016 and 03 February 2017. Thank you to those who responded.

The whole Estate Local Plan is available below. If you are interested in any of the three estates, we have prepared drafts of the Estates Local Plan that focusses on this area. This has the same introduction and conclusions as the whole document but the history, analysis and planning policies only relates to that estate.

Responses received

Councillors considered the updated Estates Local Plan at the following meetings:

Stage 2 - draft Estates Local Plan

The consultation on the council's draft plan for the estates of Eastfields, High Path and Ravensbury took place between 01 February and 18 March 2016.

All responses have been anonymised with personal details removed

Links to each estate with the responses received

Other respondents

Stage 1: issues and options consultation

Between 15 September and 23 November 2014, Merton Council asked residents, businesses and anyone else who was interested to have their say on proposals for Ravensbury (Morden), High Path (South Wimbledon) and Eastfields (Mitcham) estates. Everyone's responses to the 2014 consultation, with personal details removed, are available to read online

As part of the consultation, residents raised questions to the council and Newman Francis for Circle Housing Merton Priory to answer. These questions and Circle Housing Merton Priory's answers, are available below

Residents questions and Circle Housing Merton Priory's answers 2014

Cabinet agenda 18 January 2016 (see agenda item 8)

Supporting information for the 2014 consultation

What has happened so far?

Over the past two years, Circle Housing Merton Priory, has been asking people how three estates should look in the future. These estates are Eastfields (Mitcham), High Path (South Wimbledon) and Ravensbury. They want to invest millions of pounds in homes which are modern, energy efficient, designed for 21st century living with quality landscaping.

The proposed investment by Circle Housing Merton Priory is potentially exciting because this is an opportunity for investment.

However, at the same time we want to make sure residents get the best deal possible and that residents concerns and ideas are heard.

Circle Housing Merton Priory research

Eastfields estate research

High Path estate research

Ravensbury estate research

What is a Local Plan?

A Local Plan is the legal document prepared by the council to guide planning applications for an area. It sets out what can and cannot be built there. It provides a detailed guide to where homes, businesses, streets and shops should be, what the area should look and feel like (for example, building locations and heights, amount of open space, footpaths); and what other services are necessary (for example, playgrounds, cycle parking) to make a place work well.

A Local Plan must consider facts and evidence about an area and be informed by people's views at public consultation.

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