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Ravensbury Estates Plan consultation results and responses

If you are interested in the Ravensbury Estate, we have prepared drafts of the Estates Local Plan that focusses on this area. This has the same introduction and conclusions as the whole document but the history, analysis and planning policies only relates to Ravensbury.


Ravensbury - Stage 3 consultation documents (December 2016 - February 2017 )

Ravensbury section of Merton's Estates Local Plan, stage 3


Ravensbury - Circle Housing Merton Priory research

Circle Housing Merton Priory have provided background research on each of the three estates to inform the case for regeneration. Circle Housing Merton Priory's research for Ravensbury is published below.


Consultation responses

Wherever possible, we have removed identifying details for individuals responding to the consultation (for example, personal addresses, signatures). We have also removed any blank pages and the map (if it is not written on) to try and keep the file sizes as small and easy to open as possible.
Ravensbury - consultation documents for stage 2 (January-February 2016)

Analysis of results - February-March 2016 - Ravensbury
Analysis of results - September-November 2014: Ravensbury


2017: February responses


2016: March responses

2014: September-November responses


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