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Estates Local Plan: public consultation after the examination hearings

Public Consultation after the examination hearings


2017: Main Modifications Consultation Responses

Main Modifications to Merton's Estates Local Plan

Consultations on the Main Modification to Merton's Estates Local Plan which took place for six weeks from 26 September to 7 November 2017 have now closed.

Merton's Estates Local Plan (submission version) was submitted to the Secretary of State on 31st March 2017 who appointed Mr Nicholas Taylor BA (Hons) MRTPI to conduct an independent examination. The Estates Local Plan submission version is referenced as document SD.1

Public hearings were held between 4 – 6 July 2017. Following this, the Inspector issued a "post hearing outline of required main modifications" that he has recommended in order to make the Estates Local Plan sound.

We have set out the precise wording for all the recommended Main Modifications in a schedule for consultation. We have also included the main modifications into a version of the Plan, to make it easier for anyone participating in the consultation to understand how the Estates Local Plan will fit together, once all of the Main Modifications in the schedule are applied.

Please note that in the unlikely event of any inconsistency between the Main Modifications Schedule and the Estates Local Plan, the Main Modifications Schedule takes primacy.

The Main Modifications Schedule and the Estates Local Plan document have been set out in accordance with the Planning Inspectorate's Procedural Practice in the Examination of Local Plans (PINS 2016), particularly paragraph 6.7, and the Inspector's advice.

The documents for consultation are:

Comments should relate only to the matters contained in the Main Modifications Schedule and quote the relevant Main Modification reference number(s). This is not an opportunity for further comment on Merton's Estates Local Plan.

Merton's Health Impact Assessment for the Estates Plan has been updated to take account of the Main Modifications.

The consultation documents together with the Plan are available to view at local libraries: Colliers Wood, Morden, Mitcham, and Wimbledon.

Merton's libraries are open between 9.30am -7.00pm on weekdays and 9.30am-5.00pm on Saturdays (apart from Colliers Wood, which is closed on Wednesdays). For more information about library opening hours, please view Merton's website:

Representations on the Main Modifications should be sent by letter or email by 7 November 2017 to:

Pauline Butcher, Programme Officer
c/o Future Merton
London Borough of Merton
9th Floor Civic Centre, London Road
Morden SM4 5DX

Following receipt of the responses to this consultation, the Planning Inspector will consider the comments received before finalising his report on the 'soundness; of Merton's Estates Local Plan.  

If you require any additional information please contact Pauline Butcher on 020 8545 3033 or  07823 494 353 or email: