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Third Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) 2019-2025

All London boroughs are required to develop a Local Implementation Plan setting out how they are going to deliver the Mayor's Transport Strategy, its priorities and objectives at a local level.

Third Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) - September 2019 - 2025

Mayor of London approval letter - September 2019

Merton's Third Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) 2019 - 2025 is the council's main transport strategy and sits alongside the council's Local Plan and other future strategies.

The LIP3 contains an overview of the challenges and opportunities in delivering the Mayors' Transport Strategy within Merton; a set of borough transport objectives; a short and longer term delivery plan and a series of targets set by Transport for London that we are working towards achieving.

COVID-19 Transport Strategy

Merton Council prepared an emergency transport response to the Coronavirus pandemic and to aid social distancing in the borough. The plan focused on making changes to roads and pavements in the borough to improve road safety, supporting social distancing and providing more space for walking and cycling.

Pavements were extended into the road at some of the busiest parts of the borough such as town centres and local shopping parades.

The plan can be found here:
Merton’s Active and Healthy Travel Response to COVID-19

The first phase of proposals can be found here
Appendix 1