London Borough of Merton Terms and Conditions for the purchase and use of Visitor Scratch Card Permits

1. Permit Information

Definition of a visitor permits

A visitor parking permit is intended for use only by a person visiting a residence within a controlled parking zone in Merton to enable them to park in a permit bay or area during the restricted period.

Who can apply?

  • residents who can supply evidence that they permanently reside within a controlled parking zone (CPZ) as set out in section 2 below.
  • landlords/letting agents, who can supply evidence that they own a property within a CPZ within Merton and require periodical access to their property for visits or for works to be undertaken at the property.
  • Visitor permits are for use by a passenger or goods carrying vehicle that does not exceed 5.25 metres in overall length or 2.28 metres in height. 

Visitor permits can only be used in the controlled parking zone for which they were purchased – they are not transferable to other controlled parking zones.

Please note: the planning conditions for some new build or change of use housing do not allow residents to apply for permits. Applications will be checked with the relevant parties, registers databases etc.

Traditional Scratch cards

These scratch cards are a physical card which must be displayed within the vehicle when being used.

Visitor E-parking permits

From the 14 January 2020 an electric permit may be purchased instead of a scratch card.  (This works in the same way as a tax disc) The equipment our officers use will provide access to the permit details for all verification purposes.

2. Proof of residency

As part of your application we will check your details to automatically verify your address.  If this check is successful there is no requirement to provide the proof of residency set out in Section A and B below.  If however our automatic check is unsuccessful you are required to supply the documents as set out in section A and or B below.

Section A (a copy of 1 of the documents below, which needs to include your name and address of the property within the relevant CPZ for which you are applying).

  •  A current signed tenancy agreement (by all relevant parties to the agreement), current lease agreement, solicitor's letter confirming purchase of property, or current mortgage agreement/statement valid within the last 12 months.
  • If you have not yet moved in – please provide a letter from your solicitor confirming completion date.

If you are unable to provide an example from Section A, we require two documents from Section B below:

Section B (photocopies or upload 2 documents from the list below that include your name and address of the property within the relevant CPZ for which you are applying)

  • Bank/building society statement, gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, home insurance, building insurance, Inland Revenue statements, all dated within the last 3 months.
  • recent council tax bill, TV licence with your name and address matching your application details

Section C

  • If you are unable to provide the documents required as stated in Sections A and B above, please choose the option 'other' and upload/provide the supporting documentation. We will then review your documentation and will contact you if they are not sufficient or further clarification is required.

    For example, being on the electoral register or having your address on a driving licence may not be considered proof that you reside at the address, but will be considered in the absence of any other evidence.

We will ask all permit holders to resubmit proof of residency every 3 years, this is to ensure are records are up to date.  However, random eligibility checks may be undertaken and you may be requested to present proof of residency within the three year period. 

Please note that after your supporting documentation (for proof of residency) has been validated for the purposes of your permit application; it will be deleted in accordance with Merton's policies and data protection legislation.

3. How many visitor permits may I purchase?

  • You will be entitled to a maximum of 200 (50 full day permits, (a full day counts as 2 x permit) and 100 half day visitor permits, (which counts a 1 X permit).
  • If there are exceptional circumstances such as major works being undertaken at the property and more permits are needed, we can consider your request on a case by case basis.

4. Where can I park and use the visitor permits?

You may park as follows:

  • In a Permit Holder Bay within the respective controlled parking zone, in which you live/reside. You may not use your permit to park in a permit holder bay in any other controlled zone within Merton Council.
  • Shared Use Bay – these bays may be used by pay and display customer or as permit holder bays at any time. However, in certain areas permit holders may only use these bays at the times shown on the signs.
  • Please ensure that when the vehicle is parked, it must be fully contained within the parking bay.
  • A visitor permit does not grant you a right to park outside your home/property or guarantee the availability of a parking space.

You may not park in a Disabled Bay as these are only for the use of blue badge holders who display a valid Blue Badge.   

Merton Council reserves the right to suspend any parking bay as required.  

Please always check the signs before you park – it is your responsibility to ensure that you are parked correctly and in an appropriate bay.

5. Correctly using your e-permit or displaying the visitor scratch card permits


  • If you are using an e-permit there is no need to display anything in your vehicle. The equipment our officers use will provide access to the permit details for all verification purposes.
  • Please ensure that the correct vehicle registration number has been entered.

Scratch card

  • ensure that the day, date, month and whether am or pm is visible by scratching the appropriate area from the surface of the permit scratch card
  • display the relevant visitor scratch card face up on the dashboard of the vehicle so that it can be clearly read through the front windscreen
  • Please note that failure to display a scratch card correctly may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). 

6. Change of details, including refunds and important information

  • If your circumstances change you are required to update your details on line or contact us to inform us of this.
  • If you no longer require your scratch cards there will be no refund. As a result we recommend you purchase visitors permits in small quantities.
  • E-voucher refunds will only be considered if we are notified of the cancellation before the purchased parking session starts. E-vouchers are non-refundable once the session is, or has been active.

7. Prevention of fraud

Please note the following:

  • It is a criminal offence if, with intent to deceive, you knowingly make a false statement, supply false documentation or forge documents to get a residential parking permit for yourself or others.  Merton Council may prosecute if this is believed to be the case.
  • Scratch cards may not be sold to other parties or used to allow visitors or others to park for the purpose of commuting.

In order to ensure the integrity of the permit scheme, Merton Council may undertake sample checks to verify an applicant's details, including requesting supporting documents as appropriate.  

Your information may be shared with third parties for the purpose of preventing of fraud. If you would like more information about how we use your data, please read our Privacy Policy at   

8. Conditions of use

Merton Council reserves the right to withhold or withdraw a permit if the permit holder:

  • fails to comply with these terms and conditions
  • fails to update information pertinent to your permit prior to its expiry, such as a change of address or vehicle etc.
  • verbally or physically threatens or attacks any Civil Enforcement Officer or any other authorised Merton Council employee

Failure to have a valid permit or inform us of a change of vehicle or address may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

9. Declaration

By applying for a permit within Merton Council, you are as part of your application, accepting the terms and conditions set out in sections 1 – 8 of this document regarding your permit.

10. Data Protection

Please note that the London Borough of Merton is under a duty to protect the public funds under its administration and may therefore use information you have provided for the purpose of the prevention or detection of fraud. Merton Council may also disclose any such information to appropriate agencies for this purpose.

Please note that after your supporting documentation (for proof of residency) has been validated for the purposes of your permit application; it will be deleted in accordance with Merton's policies and data protection legislation.

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