​Open data is about making non-personal information freely available to everyone.

The benefits are:

  • transparency and accountability - publishing the information we use
  • public service improvement - helping you to challenge our decisions
  • generating economic growth - allowing small and large businesses to use the data
  • helping democracy - giving you information to engage in the political process

By law councils must publish information under the government's transparency agenda website.

Published data

You can re-use the information freely under the same terms as data.gov.uk.

Data Location Formats
Business plan Our Business Plan page contains the latest four-year plan document, bringing together financial and service planning to give a detailed picture of how we will operate HTML, PDF
Constitution The constitution sets out how the council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people PDF
Contracts The London Tenders Portal website provides access to our contracts and tender documents. HTML
Council and committee meetings Agendas, reports and minutes of council and committee meetings. PDF
Councillors' allowances and expenses A list of all allowances and expenses we pay councillors in recent years HTML, PDF
Councillors' attendance The record of each councillors' attendance at council meetings from November 2013 HTML
Election results Election and referendum results are on the Election results page HTML, PDF
Finance The Finance page holds our accounts, budgets and other financial information. DOC, PDF
Fraud Statistics regarding Counter-fraud work in 2018 PDF
​Gender Pay Gap and Annual Equalities in Employment Report

Gender pay gap reporting

Equalities in Employment Report

​Government Procurement Card Transactions, monthly reports 

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Organisation chart The charts showing the top-level structure of the council are on the senior employees' salaries page. PDF
Parking account A breakdown of parking income and expenditure CSV, XLS, PDF
Parking spaces (off-street) The number of off-street parking places controlled by the Council. CSV, XLS
Parking spaces (on-street) A list of on-street parking spaces and permits issued for those spaces. CSV, XLS
Pay multiple The pay multiple is 6:1 (31 March 2022). This is the ratio between the highest paid salary (£193,702) and the median average salary of the whole authority's workforce (£34,809). --
Performance Reports of our performance against our key performance indicators are on the Performance monitoring page. DOC, XLS, PDF
Plans and policies A list of our major plans and policies, including relevant links and contact details. PDF, HTML
​Procurement card transactions ​A list of the transactions made using procurement cards during 2015-16 CSV​
Property register The list of council properties. CSV, XLS
Senior employees' job descriptions The job descriptions of senior employees. PDF
Senior employees' salaries A list of the salaries of senior employees. XLS
Social housing asset value There is no information to publish here, as the housing association Merton, London | Clarion (myclarionhousing.com) owns and manages the housing assets. --
Spending over £500 A list of all our spending items over £500 CSV
Voluntary and community sector funding Reports produced annually which set out the funding from the council to voluntary, community and faith organisations. PDF
Trade union time

Central Function Facility Time 21-22

Education Function Facility Time 21-22

Central Function Facility Time 20-21

Education Function Facility Time 20-21

Central Function Facility Time 19-20

Education Function Facility Time 19-20

Central Function Facility Time 18-19

Education Function Facility Time 18-19

Central Function Facility Time 17-18

Education Function Facility Time 17-18

Waste collection contract

This item was a one-off specific requirement of the Local Government Transparency Code. At that time the service was carried out in-house, so no contract existed.


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