If you hold a personal licence and you move house, or you change your legal name, you need to have your personal licence details updated via a formal, legal procedure.

This is not optional and it is up to you as a personal licence holder to apply to the original issuing council rather than waiting for the council to contact you about it.

Also, it is no good simply informing another part of the council that deals with other legislation that you have moved house or changed your name: you yourself have to make the declaration under The Licensing Act 2003, using a specific application form.

There is a fee of £10.50 set by law for the application.

Remember: no matter where you move house to, even if it is abroad, it is still the very first issuing authority (their name should be on your licence card) that you apply to, not your new local council.

How to apply

Simply print out and complete the

Personal Licence change of name or address application form

and return it to us at the address at the bottom of this page together with your existing personal licence card and purple personal licence certificate and the £10.50 payment or proof of payment (see payment options below).

If you no longer have either your personal licence card or your purple personal licence certificate (for whatever reason), you will need to enclose whatever you do still have (if anything) and explain what happened on the form in the box provided.

There is no need to include any photographs, criminal convictions certificates or training certificates with this application.


  • You cannot make this application online at this time.
  • You can pay by card by phoning 020 8545 3969 during office hours Mon-Fri but this needs to be done before you send us your application.
  • Any cheques (or postal orders) should be made payable to 'The London Borough of Merton'. Put today's date on the cheque, make sure the amount is correct in both words and figures and do not forget to sign it.
  • The Council's Cash Office closed on 30 September 2013. The only way to pay licensing fees in cash now is by reporting to Reception at Merton Civic Centre. When it is your turn, you will be asked for the amount (£10.50) and cost code (G00740RB11). Keep one receipt and put the second with your application. [Please note that you cannot pay licensing fees at post offices or PayPoint - this only applies to certain Council payments such as Council Tax. Also, please do not send cash in the post under any circumstances.]
  • It is when we receive the application that matters, not when it was sent. You may wish to give extra attention to envelope weight and size and possibly recorded delivery etc.. Alternatively you can hand over the application in person at Merton Civic Centre Reception and ask for it to be put in the 'Licensing Folder'.

Contact us

London Borough of Merton
1st Floor Annexe
Merton Civic Centre
London Road

Telephone: 020 8545 3969
email: licensing@merton.gov.uk