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Choosing a memorial

A memorial is a lasting testament and tribute to a person's life. There are a variety of memorial designs to choose from.


Application for a memorial

Only memorial masons are allowed to complete the application.

Please note we do not permit "kerbs" on lawn, semi-lawn, or American casket graves.

Please note there are restrictions on the sizes we allow, these can be found on this form:

Application to erect a memorial form


Memorial masons

Memorials must be produced and fixed by the memorial mason named on the application form. Work must not start until approval has been granted by us.

We only allow memorial masons who are registered with the National Association of Memorial Masons and or British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) to work on your behalf.

All memorial masons who wish to work within our cemeteries must be first registered with us and they can be found in Merton's Register of Memorial Masons.

The memorial masons are aware of our Cemetery Rules and Regulations regarding the type of memorial allowed, size and installation requirements and they will be happy to advise you.

The grave owner is the only person who can authorise a memorial mason to carry out works on their behalf.


Church Road Cemetery

Mitcham Parish Church is in the Diocese of Southwark. The Church has different regulations from us for memorials types and sizes.

Their types and sizes can be seen in their regulations: Diocese of Southwark Churchard guidance.

Telephone​: 020 8648 1566
Email: ​


Types of memorial


Vase and urns

Open book



Upon approval of the memorial application the memorial mason is provided with a permit document, this document allows for the memorial mason to make an appointment to carry out the memorial work.

Upon completion of works the memorial mason must provide you with a written ten-year workmanship guarantee. This guarantee covers standards of acceptable work, materials and construction of the memorial.

For information as to grave types permitted please see Choosing a Grave.



As the grave owner you are responsible for the maintenance of your memorial.

Maintenance of graves and memorials


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