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Grave and memorial maintenance and safety

Grave maintenance

We provide a maintenance service for graves, including:

  • turfing or re-turfing grave spaces
  • forming or reforming garden areas on graves
  • planting grave spaces with spring and summer flowers (including spring bulbs) and maintaining the garden space throughout the year


Memorial maintenance

As the grave owner you are responsible for the maintenance of the memorial or headstone.

You are advised to take out an appropriate insurance that will cover all eventualities such as accidental damage, vandalism, theft, graffiti and storm damage.

You are also responsible for the upkeep of your memorial to ensure that it remains in a safe condition for the life of the exclusive right of burial term.

Stonemasons must be on our Register of Memorial Masons before they can work within our cemeteries.


Headstone safety inspections

We aim to test all headstones every five years, to identify any that are at risk of falling. This is for the safety of everyone who visits or works in our cemeteries and closed churchyards. The inspections are carried out by fully trained staff.

Some headstones are aged and in poor structural condition. If a headstone is identified as unsafe we will contact its owner. If we can't identify the current owner, we will contact the last named person responsible for the grave or headstone if the information held is less than 20 years old. If we don't get a response, we will take the necessary action to make the headstone safe.

Please contact us if you have any queries about the inspection of a headstone belonging to a loved one in any of our cemeteries, or if you have concerns over a headstone that you suspect is unsafe.


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