Find out who to tell if there is a flood. Diagram of who to contact for different types of flooding, as explained elsewhere on this page.

Flooding from a river

If one of the following rivers is flooding, please contact the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60 (lines are open 24 hours).

  • River Wandle
  • Beverley Brook
  • Pyl Brook (inc. East Branch)
  • River Graveney
  • Bunce's Ditch
  • The Pickle
  • Wandle Park Ditch
  • Figges Marsh Ditch

If the flooding is from another river or watercourse, please contact us at

If you own a stretch of watercourse, you are responsible for maintaining its bed and banks: see Owning a Watercourse (GOV.UK).


A blockage in a drain or sewer may cause sewage to escape.

If the pipe is on your land and only carries wastewater from your property, then you will need to contact a plumber or private drainage contractor to fix it. Otherwise, you should report it to Thames Water.

Report a blockage to Thames Water

Who is responsible for repairing drains and sewers - Citizens Advice

Flooding from a burst water main or water service pipe

There are two water companies responsible for supplying water to Merton. In the event that a water main bursts or there is flooding or a leak from a water service pipe the relevant company should be contacted.

Find your supplier on the Water UK website if you don't know which company to contact.

Flooding due to a blocked drain (gully) on the street

Report this to us: see Drain or Sewer Problems.

Surface water on private land

Surface water flooding occurs when heavy rainfall exceeds the capacity of the ground and local drainage networks to absorb it. If the flooding is on private land this is the landowner's responsibility.

Get help if your property is flooded

Get help during a flood