We are carrying out works to strengthen, stabilise and repair Bishopsford Road Bridge.

We will update this page as and when there are developments on site, to keep you updated on the progress of the works.

We started strengthening works on 23 April 2019 as part of the annual highway maintenance scheme. We planned to complete the strengthening works by 22 July. Due to the floods that occurred on 10 June, the river bed and foundations of the bridge were "scoured" (eroded) and therefore undermined. This led to the partial collapse of the northern arch on 14 June.

The southern arch was unaffected and the central arch suffered minor structural damage. Due to the failure of the bridge, the road will continue to be closed until the bridge has been repaired and is safe for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Bus services

From Saturday 30 November Transport for London will introduce a new bus route, number 718, between Morden Station and Rose Hill Roundabout running via London Road, Morden Road, Wandle Road and Bishopsford Road.

Route 718 will replace route 118 along Wandle Road between Morden Road and Bishopsford Road providing a link to and from Morden Station while route 118 is diverted away from Wandle Road due to long term roadworks. Between Wandle Road and Rose Hill Roundabout route 718 will go via the 280 route along Bishopsford Road to Rose Hill Roundabout before returning to Morden Station. Route 718 will stop at all route 118 bus stops between Morden Station and Wandle Road and all route 280 bus stops between Wandle Road and Rose Hill Roundabout.

Route 718 will run every 30 minutes (every 35 minutes during the AM and PM peaks on Monday to Fridays) on all days of the week.

More information can be found on Transport for London's website


Site safety

The site is being made more secure with wooden hoarding and associated lighting replacing the metal fencing.


CCTV / ANPR cameras

CCTV / Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras are installed to enforce against motorised vehicles illegally driving over the footbridge and the council has issued 6 Penalty Charge Notices. Pedestrian guard rails have also been installed as a further deterrent, along with signage for pedestrians and cyclists.


Ravensbury Park lighting

Lighting has been installed on the footpath in Ravensbury Park to enhance safety for users of the footbridge. Vegetation has also been cut-back to improve safety and litter bins are being emptied more frequently. We have laid a more durable surface on the path at the entrance / exit to the park and the northern side of the footbridge.


Ravensbury Park / London Road wall

The brick wall alongside London Road and the park has been raised as an issue where people, particularly children walking to school, feel unsafe. As the evenings get darker, the Council believes that reducing the height of the wall to knee-height will improve security and visibility for pedestrians and cyclists and reduce anti-social behaviour. We are continuing to monitor how we can improve the sense of safety in the area.


Essential gas works

When the bridge partially collapsed, gas mains were re-routed to ensure that Ravensbury Ward maintained a gas supply. As winter approaches and the demand for gas increases, Southern Gas Networks need to undertake essential upgrades to ensure an even supply of gas. Works commenced 21 October for nine weeks on the following streets: The Drive, Arras Avenue, Victory Avenue, Leonard Avenue, Seddon Avenue and Florence Avenue.

Roads will remain open and bus routes will not be affected. We will monitor traffic flows and take any action, if needed, to minimise disruption.


Next steps 

We are working with FM Conway and the Environment Agency and have focused our attention on stabilising the remaining structure to prevent further damage and make the bridge safe for inspections and for workers to carry out repairs.

We have completed crack-injection and underpinning works below the bridge to stabilise the central arch. The scour hole on the upstream side of the bridge has been filled with stone and gravel. The scour hole under the northern arch has been filled with marine concrete to stabilise the northern arch and create a safe platform for further works.

Now that the existing structure is stable, you may not see workers active on-site whilst we undertake assessments and complete feasibility reports to advise on repair options.

We have also installed CCTV under the bridge to monitor water flows and river levels as we approach winter.

We have commissioned independent reports to advise on next steps to re-open the bridge:

  • The "what happened?" report
    Specialist advisers are now working on this report, which will look back at the flood event and contributing factors to the bridge's partial collapse.
  • The "what next?" report
    We are arranging this report to look forward and provide detailed inspections, surveys, costing and design options for the repair and/or replacement of Bishopsford Bridge.

    Until these studies are complete, we will not be able to advise on the timescale for the road to be reopened. We will report back when the timescale is confirmed.